I’m A Celebrity’s Boy George is godfather to famous reality TV star – but can you guess who?


I’M A Celebrity icon Boy George is the godfather to a surprising reality star.

Former jungle favourite Nicola McLean let slip that the music legend, 61, is in fact very close to Aisleyne Horgan Wallace, 43.

Boy George is the godfather to a reality TV star
Boy George and Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace as a baby

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace has spoken about her relationship with the singer

Speaking on Instagram yesterday, she said: “You know my best friend Aisleyne? That’s her godfather. I think he’s going to be brilliant.”

Aisleyne is considered reality TV royalty, having risen to fame on Big Brother.

A few years ago Boy George shared a picture himself holding Aisleyne as a baby and wrote: “Holding a baby @Aisleyne1 too cute!”

She replied:  “Omg thank you for being my coolest kindest ‘uncle’ back then” along with lots of love heart emojis.

Aisleyne previously wrote in her autobiography, Surviving Guns, Gangs and Glamour, about their relationship.

She wrote: “Mum had met this tall, big-nosed Irish guy called George O’Dowd at the Tottenham. They were absolute bezzy mates for ages – way before the rest of the world met Boy George.

“She told me he would put me on his knee and sing to me. He would change my nappies, do my hair and dress me up like a little punk doll…

“Then there was Siouxsie Sioux and Poly Styrene and all the other singers and Musicians… Johnny Rotten and some of the others in the Sex Pistols crew were in Mum’s gang as well.”

Boy George entered the jungle over the weekend and has already proved to be a huge hit with viewers.

During last night’s episode he stormed off to be alone after becoming irritated by the Loose Women presenter Charlene White, 42, taking charge in the kitchen.

He went on to slam her as a “bossy boots” to pal Chris Moyles, 48.

Ranting in the Bush Telegraph, Boy George said: “I’m a good cook, but when someone has already decided they’re in charge of the kitchen, it’s difficult to have your say.”

Despite getting rave reviews from her fellow campers, George wasn’t impressed with his dinner.

“The food was horrible,” he complained.

“The mushrooms weren’t cooked enough.

“I almost stepped in at one point and asked ‘do you want me to fry them for you?’, but then I thought I don’t want to step on Charlene‘s toes.

“There is that weird pressure to not be totally selfish because we have to live together and I’m going to try my hardest to find a way to do that, even if I have to take myself out of that space and have some time alone.”