Im A Celebritys Jacqueline Jossa faces worst nightmare by crawling through spider-infested tunnel in Bushtucker Trial


I’M A Celebrity star Jacqueline Jossa faced her worst nightmare as she crawled through spider-infested tunnels in the Bushtucker Trial.

The public voted for the former EastEnders actress and ex-footballer Ian Wright to take on the Crevice of Cruelty in tonight’s challenge – and managed to get all 12 stars.

Jacqueline Jossa faced her fears as she walked through a tunnel of spiders

They were forced to climb through two underground tunnels, one on top of the other, meaning the celebrity in the lower tunnel was forced to feed the stars up to the person on top for them to count.

Ian took the lower tunnel, which was filled with water and only a narrow gap for him to breathe.

Jacqueline was forced to wade through green ants, crickets, meal worms and cockroaches.

However, her worst fears came to light when she had to crawl through spiders.

Jacqueline Jossa looking her biggest fear in the face
Ian Wright had to cope with water creatures in his tunnel
The cramped tunnels were scary enough

As she faced the tunnel, she said: “Come on Jac, you can do this man.”

Then when Ian was facing a water dragon as he untied the stars, Jac shouted: “I don’t want to be in here!”

Despite how scary the situation is, they managed to work together in order to collect all the stars.

Fans were delighted for Jac facing her fears, with one person saying: “honestly jac is so good at the trials and once she gets going it barely bothers her, if she didnt moan so much before hand the public would stop voting ”

But the snakes made it more nail-biting
The tunnel was one of Jacqueline’s worst nightmares

Another added: “Gotta give Jac her due. Cries about doing challenges but smashes them when she has to do them she is fab”

A third said: “Jacqueline doubts herself but she is amazing at these trials!!”

This comes after she broke down in tears when she was told she was facing the next Bushtucker Trial.

She had to be consoled by Kate Garraway and her fellow campmates as Dec announced she and Ian Wright are doing the underground challenge tonight.

She wailed: “I don’t want to do any more man.”

Ian and Jac managed to get all the stars
She had to work together with Ian to get the stars

This lead to her husband, Daniel Osborne, taking to Instagram to defend her.

Speaking to his followers on Instagram, Dan, 28, pleaded: “Give her a break please because she’s getting upset now.”

He said: “I know I said you all vote for Jac cos she’s ain’t in there to change lightbulbs – but I didn’t mean every single trial.

“Give her a break now, come on. But she keeps smashing them all. She’s worried about it but she’ll smash it. She’ll keep proving everyone.

“Let her do this one then give her a break please because she’s getting upset now and it ain’t nice. But she’ll get all the stars, smash it and then go back and have a nice dinner.”