I’m A Celebrity’s Jordan North reveals sneaky way stars stopped secret chats airing on TV


I’M A Celebrity’s Jordan North has revealed the sneaky way stars stopped their secret chats from being aired on TV.

The BBC Radio 1 DJ told his colleague Greg James today that the campmates worked together as a group to ensure their sensitive chats would remain private.

Jordan North has revealed how the stars kept their sensitive conversations private on I’m A Celebrity

Knowing that ITV are not allowed to air music that could land them a huge bill for royalties, the campmates would ask each other to sing chart topping songs while they were having a natter.

Jordan told Greg on the Radio 1 Breakfast show: “If we had a conversation we didn’t want to make it on air we’d have someone singing it in the background.”

Another secret that the stars managed to keep from the public was who had been found out to be the phantom dribbler.

Viewers had seen the campmates trying to figure out who had been peeing on the communal toilet’s floor, but were never told if they’d gotten to the bottom of the matter.

Shane Richie revealed Vernon Kay was the I’m A Celebrity phantom dribbler but he asked the campmates to cover for him

At the time, all of the boys distanced themselves from the unpleasant leak, with Vernon, 46, covering his tracks by saying: “It is a bit awkward.

“How do you teach people over 25 how to pee?”

But Shane Richie, 56, outed Vernon as the show’s phantom dribbler and claimed the ex Family Fortunes presenter begged his co-stars to keep it a secret because Vernon’s “dead posh” Strictly host wife Tess Daly wouldn’t approve.

Speaking during the Daily Drop, Shane revealed: “Let’s just clear a few things up shall we. When all that started, the phantom dribber.

Vernon asked the campmates to keep his bad toilet habit a secret from wife Tess

Vernon joked to his castle co-stars that Strictly presenter Tess is ‘dead posh’ and wouldn’t approve

“I was ill. I couldn’t stand. I remember Vernon, cos he’s eight foot two, and he’s a tall lad and it’s a long distance from him for the toilet.

“He went to the toilet and he came back and we said, ‘Vernon have you dribbled?’, and he was like ‘Oh don’t do ‘cos Tess is watching.

“‘Oh please don’t say nothing.”

Shane said he couldn’t stand up to pee because he was too ill

“And we had to cover it up ‘cos he was worried about what Tess would say. It was Vernon.

“Vernon kept saying ‘Oh Shane, don’t say nothing, ‘cos Tess is watching and she’s on Strictly. She’s dead posh my wife.

“So Vernon if you’re watching, it was you and you know it was you!”