Im A Celebritys Roman Kemp opens up about having the late George Michael as a godfather


JUNGLE star Roman Kemp has opened up about having the late George Michael as his godfather.

The Capital FM breakfast DJ, son of Spandau Ballets Martin Kemp and Wham! singer Shirlie Holliman, has rarely spoken publicly about George, who was found dead at home, aged 53, three years ago on Christmas Day.

Roman Kemp has opened up about what it was like having the late George Michael as a godfather

Roman says George, nicknamed ‘Yog’, left behind a great legacy and the memories he has of him are ‘amazing’

But Roman will discuss the ex-Wham! and solo pop legend George who he calls Yog in a nod to Georges Greek name if asked by campmates.

Ahead of the opening show tonight, he told HOAR: The memories I have of Yog are amazing. He was a dear part of my family, so if someone asks, its never a negative.

Its how much love I have for this guy and how much he had for everyone around him.

Ive never held any bad memories of Yog. I was very fortunate, with an amazing childhood. Im super-pleased to have known him as closely as I did.

The I’m A Celeb star rarely discusses his godfather but says he will happily chat about him if his campmates ask

Romans mum Shirlie was one of Georges closest pals and even inherited part of his 98million fortune.

Roman finds it surreal to have such a famous godparent but added: My parents are the same. They made their achievements.

Thats just their best friend. Its like an uncle… then you go, Oh yeah, hes famous. When you grow up with something, its the norm.

Roman is the son of Spandau Ballet singer Martin Kemp and Wham! star Shirlie Holliman who were close friends with the late singer