I’m A Celeb’s Boy George meditates during Bushtucker trial as singer chants while locked in snake-filled chamber


I’M A Celebrity’s Boy George turns to Buddhist chanting to get through a terrifying Bushtucker Trial in tonight’s show.

The Culture Club singer, 61, radio DJ Chris Moyles and comedian Babatunde Aleshe are tasked with winning meals for camp after MP Matt Hancock avoided being chosen for a seventh consecutive trial.

Boy George chants his way through the Angel of Agony trial
Chris Moyles is seen squirming as bugs climb up his legs

The celebrities are surrounded by creepy crawlies in tonight’s trial

While controversial Matt powered through his challenges with a stoic determination, tonight’s trio seem far less adept at keeping calm during the Angel of Agony trial.

The trio are locked inside an Angel of the North inspired structure and tasked with moving stars from the bottom compartment to the top while being doused in bugs and surrounded by reptiles.

A first-look clip at the horrifying trial sees Chris yelping out as cockroaches cover his legs and climb into his shorts.

“Oh, why did I wear shorts,” he can be heard saying, before shouting as bugs are poured out from above over his head and shoulders.

Elsewhere, George meditates and hums a calming mantra as he removes the stars from boxes of scorpions and snakes.

“Scorpions are my friends,” he can be heard telling himself, before handing stars to Babatunde, 34, in the compartment above him.

It doesn’t look to be a smooth start for the celebs, as trembling Babatunde drops the first star back down to George.

It’s all a welcome change for viewers who were becoming bored watching ‘the Matt Hancock show’.

The former Health Secretary took on six trials in a row after entering the I’m A Celeb camp as a late arrival.

Viewers were keen to watch his squirm after his botched handling of the coronavirus pandemic, but they grew tired in recent days as Matt bravely threw himself into each challenge.

They claimed they had managed to “work out” how Matt avoided the latest trial.

The MP said during yesterday’s show: “I’m growing in confidence. I shouldn’t say this, but I’m starting to look forward to them and enjoy them.”

One wrote: “Matt Hancock said I’m enjoying these trials on Celeb and people stopped voting for him! He’s a crafty s***e!”

Another said: “Matt Hancock saying he enjoyed and looked forward to the trials worked a treat.”

Someone else claimed: “lol matt lying saying he’s starting to enjoy them so that people stop voting for him.”

The former Health Secretary looked thrilled that he had been spared for the first time since entering the jungle.

The celebs look terrified in a first-look clip