I’m A Celeb’s Boy George sparks furious clash with campmate after ‘stealing’ a banana


I’M A Celebrity’s meagre food rations is always a source for trouble among campmates – so when someone steals a banana? All bets are off. 

Boy George became the latest celeb to become enemy number one among the jungle group after seizing his opportunity to swipe a banana from the rest of the group. 

Boy George causes trouble in camp after stealing a banana
Owen Warner calls out Boy George for taking food from the rest of camp

Following yesterday’s dinner, where all the stars were able to get a banana for dessert, the Karma Chameleon singer seized the chance to swipe another one from Sue Cleaver after she became the third to be eliminated from camp. 

After the Corrie star left the jungle, George realised she’d left her banana behind and so nicked and ate it before the others realised. 

This went down particularly badly with Hollyoaks’ Owen Warner, who’s become known for complaining about needing food. 

“I’m having the time of my life in here but I’m so, so hungry,” he said earlier in the day. “Everyone’s chatting about food and it’s making me even more hungry and I feel like I’m going mad. Please just stop chatting about food.” 

So when Boy George swiped an extra one, Owen was ready for a row. 

“I had a banana last night and then obviously Sue left this morning and there was an extra one, so I took it and I ate it,” George boasted to the Bush Telegraph. 

“I hid the skin in my pocket so I wouldn’t get caught. Ha ha ha!”

“You had one last night and one this morning?” Owen asked after noticing the missing fruit. 

“I thought it was Sue’s,” George said in defence, leading Owen to ask why he did it without asking. 

But the 80s pop star was having none of it, and added: “Says the man who has had more food than anyone in this camp.” 

“Could have asked first though,” Owen replied, causing George to sing out a song in note of what he’d done, and seeming without a care. 

“Last night the bananas we got for dessert we saved for breakfast this morning,” Owen later explained of his anger. “There was nine. There’s one short. George confesses, he’s had Sue’s banana. Don’t steal food from me!” 

The fight for food is edging closer to a boiling point on the series, with more opportunities to win treats meaning celebs are now not as much on an equal footing over how little they’ve had to eat. 

Without stars, the group are given just a 700 calorie diet of rice and beans, with the daily recommendation being between 2000-2500. 

I’m A Celebrity continues weeknights at 9pm on ITV. 

The cast is beginning to lose campmates, but the food debate remains
Sue Cleaver left the camp on Monday night – leaving behind a banana to fight over