Im A Celebs Caitlyn Jenners partner Sophia says their relationship isnt romantic because of the 47-year age gap


CAITLYN Jenner’s partner Sophia Hutchins has said their relationship isn’t romantic because of the 47-year age gap.

Businesswoman Sophia opened up about missing the reality star while she competes on I’m A Celebrity in Australia on today’s Loose Women.

Sophia revealed their relationship ISN’T romantic because of the age gap

Describing their relationship, she said: “I would say that we are partners in every way, thats what Ive said for a long time. We do business together, I still manage her career while running my own company.

“We have dogs together, we live together. Really, I think it comes down to that we are family at the end of the day. I think thats been a really special connection I dont think you find with a lot of people.

“We have such a big age difference, so theres not really a romantic sense to that relationship which Ive said before as well. I would say it comes down to a really good partnership in business and when it comes to personal it really is family.”

She added of Caitlyns jungle journey: “I think that people are really getting a sense of who Caitlyn is, shes really the same person although she went through a transition. People really like her, especially in the UK.

The pair live together and share dogs in Malibu

Sophia backed Caitlyn to win the show this time around

The couple are partners in every way, Sophia said

“I think Caitlyn is the least confrontational person ever, kind of drives me crazy. She wont really take these fights or these arguments or little petty things head on. Shell be a peacemaker for sure. I dont think shell be one of the short-tempered people, shell definitely try and make peace with whoever that may be.”

Asked what she misses she said: “The list is so long. When you go from living with someone every day, waking up and doing your routine and going to dinner, to not have that is very strange. I travel a lot for my work so I havent even really been home much.

“Ive been home the last three days, and its like, oh my goodness, I dont know what Id do if I was home alone all the time, its kind of scary.”

On whether Caitlyn can win she revealed: “I have money on Caitlyn winning the show. Absolutely. Whats it going to take for her to do this? Everything youve talked about everything you see with her on the show, she has the support of the viewers, thats for sure.

“She has made a lot of friends in the camp which Im really happy about. She needs to keep it up, keep going, tough it out.

“I think shes going to win absolutely.”