Im A Celebs first camp fight breaks out as Nadine and Jacqueline refuse to take part in jail challenge


I’M A Celebritys first camp fight broke out as Nadine and Jacqueline refused to take part in a task last night.

The campmates got in their first row over who would leave the camp after Jacqueline, 27, refused to be put in the draw to go to the jailhouse.

I’m A Celebs first camp fight breaks out as Nadine and Jacqueline refuse to take part in jail challenge
Jacqueline said she didn’t want to go to the jungle jail because it was ‘scary’

Nadine, 34, also didn’t want to be sent to prison and refused to put her name in the hat.

The two new campmates Andy Whyment and Cliff had been sent to the jungle jail house on basic rations.

Before entering the jailhouse, they took part in a trial and won eight stars for the camp.

The camp were given the choice of feeding themselves or sharing their food with Andy and Cliff.

But if they chose to feed them, they’d have to send two campmates to join them as outlaws in the jailhouse.

James Haskell and Andrew Maxwell locked horns over the who was to go
Andrew look like he was raging, and said it would be fair if everyone to put their names in the hat

Andrew Maxwell and James Haskell immediately offered to go, but Kate Garraway said: “Don’t be ridiculous. I’m happy to go.”

However, Ian Wright chipped in and said the campmates should be picked at random to make it fair.

They decided to draw bottles over who would go to jail, but Jacqueline said: “That sounds a bit scary” and Ian replied: “You don’t have to go.”

However, Andrew wasn’t having any of it and argued: “I don’t think it’s fair to count yourself out. It’s an ordeal that has to be shared.”

But James said: “If she doesn’t want to do it she doesn’t want to do it.”

Kate had stopped James and Andrew from nominating themselves, which prompted the row
Andrew looked frustrated in the Bush Telegraph

Adele Roberts concluded: “It’s just anyone who is up for it is up for it. If anyone wants to stay they should be allowed.”

Jacqueline then asked Nadine: “Are you putting yours in?” and she shook her head before saying: “I don’t have to.”

Later, it was revealed Kate and Andrew had been picked and Jacqueline asked her if she was OK with it.

Kate said: “I don’t know really is the truth of it. Someone’s got to go.”

The stress got to the campmates
Myles Stephenson and other campmates sat round as the awkward row rumbled on

James insisted again that he would take Kate’s place butCaitlyn Jenner said: “We all agreed to draw out of the bag … Everybody quiet, let’s move on. No argument.”

But Ian wouldn’t let it go and asked James again if he would go for Kate, to which she screamed: “No. It’s fair system.”

But Jacqueline said: “This is just ridiculous … you shouldn’t have put your name in if you didn’t want to go. Where there are people who wanted to go. They were up for it.”

Jacqueline waves Kate and Andrew goodbye after ruling herself out of the task
Kate was forced to go despite James nominating himself

Viewers loved the drama, as one said at home: “anyone noticed andrew seems to be the root of the all the fights..”

Another said: “Jacqueline immediately trying to rule herself out of going to the jailhouse”

One more said: “So Kate decides she doesnt know if she wants to go to jailhouse”

Andy and Cliff made their I’m A Celeb debut last night