Im A Celebs Iain Lee claims producers ordered him to FAKE screams of pain after task went wrong


IM A Celebritys Iain Lee has claimed that producers ordered him to fake screams of pain after a task went wrong.

The radio presenter who appeared in the jungle in 2017 – says he had to pretend he was getting electric shocks as the equipment failed to actually hurt him.

Iain Lee has claimed he was told to fake his screams on I’m A Celeb

Speaking on TalkRADIO, the 46-year-old claims he told bosses the props werent working and was surprised when they told him to just act like they were, which he says was very obvious watching the scenes back.

He recalled: I can let you into a secret doing this with I’m A Celebrity! coming up, I was in it, I was in it and I had to do one task and it was a very, very funny task where thick boxer Amir Khan was dressed as a cat I think or a skunk or something and I had to guide him through like a bric a brac shop in the middle of the jungle, and every time he knocked something over I would get an electric shock.

And he was terrified, it was funny because he thought there were snakes and shiz there. There wasn’t, there was nothing. It took like two hours to film this two minutes of TV, but the electric shock things were, basically he would knock something over and then some member of the production team would hit a button and I would go ‘oh jeez’.

Iain was doing a task where he got an electric shock but it didn’t work
He says his acting wasn’t very good during the task

Where were they, I wanna say my nipples but I seem to remember them being in my thighs as well. So they would zap me right. And then, I’m so honest, it took two hours to film this, and after about 10 minutes they stopped working and I said I’m really sorry guys, I’m not getting the electric shocks.”

Iain continued: I just think it was really cheap equipment and so they stopped and they came and they reapplied the electric shocks and they did all that, then for the next 10 minutes it’s all working, and then it happened again.

I said I’m really sorry guys I’m not getting the electric shocks. They came and did it again. The third time – the electric shocks were very intermittent – and the third time they went ‘Can you just pretend.’ And I went, ‘I can do, but really?’ And they went ‘Yes, can you just pretend’.

And that’s one of the few bits of that series I’ve seen back and you can really tell. I’m not a very good actor as anyone will see my sitcom The Persuaders will attest. I’m not a good actor so you can see when I’m doing fake electric shocks.

Iain, who came third on the show, had a difficult time in the jungle, with many viewers feelinghe was bullied by some of the other cast members.