Im A Celebs Jacqueline Jossa is devastated by Dan cheating bombshell claims her cousin


FORMER EastEnders star Jacqueline Jossa is “upset” as cheating claims have overshadowed her appearance on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

The mum-of-two reportedly threatened to quit the ITV show after having a conversation with fellow campmate Myles Stephenson about the cheating rumours surrounding her husband Dan Osborne.

Jacqueline Jossa looks glum in the I’m A Celeb jungle

However, Jacqueline’s cousin Ciara Asherwood said the soap star will “be fine until she speaks to him”.

In a chat with Closer magazine, Ciara said: “Jacqueline went in there to focus on herself, so I don’t really feel like this is a great thing for her.

“It’s just taking away from her being in the jungle and her doing something for herself.

“Dan is her husband, and the main person she’s going to talk to and believe. She’ll be fine until she speaks to him.

Jacqueline’s cousin Ciara Asherwood says she will be “upset” at the past being dragged up

“I don’t think it’s fair that it’s taken the limelight away from what she’s doing and back to the relationship.”

Myles is believed to have told Jacqueline that he thinks his ex-girlfriend, Gabby Allen, did sleep with Dan in April 2018 while Jacqueline was pregnant.

The reality stars were pictured looking close on a yacht, but both of them denied that anything happened.

In fact, Love Island star Gabby claimed that she spoke to Jacqueline and reassured her.

Jacqueline is married to Dan Osborne and the couple have two daughters

“I spoke to Jacqueline after the rumours came out. I was literally like, ‘It is ridiculous’, she told Closer magazine.

“It was settled between us, I think. Dan is a nice guy. People love him. But he’s got three kids now. It’s all a big mess.”

Gabby also revealed that she doesn’t think it’s necessary for her to have a friendship with the former TOWIE star now either.

“There’s no need for me and Dan to be friends. It’s a level of respect. I don’t want to tread on anyone’s toes and Jacqueline and her family are more important than me and Dan being mates.”

Love Island star Gabby Allen has denied sleeping with Dan Osborne