Im A Celebs Jacqueline Jossa wont take Dan cheating rumours lying down and isnt scared to be a single mum


SHE recently threatened to quit the I’m A Celebrity jungle after rumours her reality star husband had cheated on her left her ‘nothing short of hysterical’.

But mum-of-two Jacqueline Jossa won’t take the infidelity claims against husband Dan Osborne lying down – and isn’t scared of being a single mum, an insider claims.

Jacqueline Jossa with her husband Dan Osborne, who has always denied cheating on his wife

The ex-EastEnders star – who shares two young daughters with Dan – has been plagued with rumours of his alleged cheating throughout their six-year romance.

They’ve even followed her to the jungle – where her I’m A Celeb campmate Myles Stephenson recently told her he believed Dan had cheated with his ex Gabby Allen.

‘Jac won’t take things lying down’

The claims sent Jacqueline, 27, into meltdown mode. But sources say while she’s decided to stay in the jungle, former TOWIE star Dan – who has flown 10,000 miles to Australia to support his wife – can expect a “showdown” when she gets out.

A source close to the couple tells Sun Online: “There have been so many rumours about other women and while Dan always denies it, Jacqueline takes her time.

“She trusts Dan and he can always talk his way out of things.Theres no way Jacqueline will take things lying down she detests being called a victim or ‘poor Jacqueline’.

Jacqueline, seen in the I’m A Celeb jungle, had a meltdown over the latest infidelity claims
Her campmate Myles recently told her he believed Dan had cheated with his ex Gabby

“She would go to these girls and ask [them] what happened with Dan. Then she’d have a showdown with Dan, she wouldnt take just his denial.

“Shed grill him and want full explanations.”

‘She’d cope as strong single mum’

The insider adds that while Jacqueline “idolises” Dan, 28, and feels like she needs him, she’s “no wallflower” and wouldn’t hesitate to walk away if she ever stopped trusting him.

“She isnt afraid of being a single mum,” says the source.

“She wont let anyone else raise her kids, a nanny is out of the question, but if it ever came to a point she had to leave she knows shed cope because shes pretty strong.

Jacqueline and Dan share two adorable daughters, Ella, four, and one-year-old Mia
The actress – pictured with Dan and little Ella in 2016 – “isn’t afraid” of being a single mum

How couple bonded over ‘staying true to roots’

Jacqueline, who rose to fame as EastEnders’ Lauren Branning, was just 21 when she met Dan at a 2013 TV awards ceremony, and they quickly fell for each other.

They bonded over their desire to stay “true to their roots”, with Jacqueline preferring a night at home in joggers and no makeup with her family to star-studded parties.

“Jacqueline isnt into the celebrity world, shes not quite got the confidence among reality stars or models and everyone else,” says the source.

“She can just feel out of place, its not her scene to be at parties and clubs… her closest mates are her group from school and her cousins.”

The insider adds: “Dan was also staying true to his roots, had a handful of close mates and was loyal to his family. Thats really what they bonded over.”

Jacqueline, then just 21, met Dan at a 2013 TV awards ceremony
The couple bonded over “staying true to their roots” and soon fell in love

Jac ‘still puts Dan on a pedestal’

Because down-to-Earth Jacqueline “never thought she’d have a boyfriend like” Dan, she put him on a pedestal – where, our source says, he remains to this day.

Yet while the couple would relentlessly tease each other in private – “feisty” Jacqueline would “give as good as she could get” – they initially kept their romance a secret.

It was only in summer 2014 that they finally confirmed they were an item – and less than a year later, in February 2015, Jacqueline gave birth to their first child, Ella.

“For her, having a relationship and family were her end goals,” says the insider.

“And Dan offered her that.”

Jacqueline shows off her painted bump during her pregnancy with Ella

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me and my beautiful ella

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Romance rocked by cheating claims

But while Dan was at first the perfect partner – sending Jacqueline gifts, picking her up from nights out and grabbing her McDonald’s and snacks while she was pregnant – their relationship was soon rocked by rows and cheating claims.

Just a month after Ella’s birth, a tape emerged of Dan violently threatening his ex Megan Tomlin and claiming he “didn’t mean to” get Jacqueline pregnant.

Dan and Jacqueline overcame this first hurdle, tying the knot in June 2017 after Dan popped the question with a boat featuring the words “will you marry me” on its side.

Little Ella was a flower girl, while Dan’s son with Megan, Teddy, was a page boy.

Jacqueline and Dan tied the knot in June 2017, with Ella as a flower girl
The couple take to the dance floor, as their loved ones watch on

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Let's do it all over again.

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But less than a year later, in May 2018, the couple split following a series of rows, while Jacqueline was heavily pregnant with their second daughter, Mia.

Dan told the Daily Star at the time: “Every day spent unhappy is a wasted day, and we were both having a lot of unhappy days.

“I still obviously care for Jacqueline but if we cant make each other happy then we shouldnt stay together. Life is too short.

The pair reunited after Mia’s birth in June 2018.

Jacqueline, pictured pregnant with Mia, and Dan split after a series of rows before reuniting
The couple beam as they enjoy a theme park ride with Ella and Teddy

‘Cosy’ pictures with another woman

But within a matter of weeks, pictures emerged of Dan getting “cosy” with Gabby Allen on a yacht – which reportedly drove Jacqueline to kick him out of their home.

And the situation escalated when Gabby’s ex, Love Island star Marcel Sommerville, accused her of cheating on him with Dan during a work trip in Marbella.

Both she and Dan have furiously denied the claims.

That wasn’t the end of Jacqueline’s turmoil, though.

Dan pictured on a yacht with Gabby in Marbella in 2018
Jacqueline reportedly kicked Dan out over the pictures

Linked to Love Island star and PR girl

In March this year, her husband was accused of kissing Love Island star Alexandra Cane on a Manchester night out. Again, Dan denied the allegations.

Then in April, he was forced to deny cheating with blonde PR girl Steph Ledigo.

During their relationship, Jacqueline and Dan have split and reunited numerous times. “Theyd often take some time apart to cool down,” says our source.

Yet while Jacqueline has undergone counselling, Dan himself decided not to have it.

He told Closer this summer: “It’s different for everyone, so I’m not judging people who have been to therapy. But for me personally, I said I wouldnt do that.”

Dan denied kissing Love Island star Alexandra Cane, pictured
He was seen leaving a club with blonde PR girl Steph Ledigo

For the past three weeks, the couple have certainly had “time apart” as Jacqueline battles it out to be voted Jungle Queen in Australia and Dan looks after their girls.

Jac ‘pushes any doubts away’

It remains to be seen whether Myles’s recent claims will have a lasting effect on their relationship – but Jacqueline’s loved ones will likely be wary of digging deeper.

“Shes [got] a sharp tongue and will fire back always saying shed not defending Dan anymore she doesnt have to and its boring,” says our source.

“She just wants everyone to leave them be and for her to be happy.

“In her eyes she cant fault Dan as a dad, hes incredibly loving as a husband, and she pushes any doubts she may have away.”

Jacqueline is battling it out to be voted Jungle Queen in Australia
Dan has declared himself “Team Jac” and recently flew Down Under to support his wife
Jacqueline considers Dan to be “incredibly loving as a husband”

Before she headed into the jungle, Jacqueline denied being a “pushover or a doormat”.

But as the mum of two undertakes Bushtucker Trials and performs karaoke in the jungle, one piece of advice from her celeb pals may be haunting her.

“Other celebrities whod been famous for a lot longer would give her and Dan advice saying to only trust each other,” says the insider.

“This really stuck with Jacqueline and has put her in the position shes in now.”

With the I’m a Celebrity showdown looming on Sunday, it seems it’s only a matter of days before Jac sends Dan to the dog house.