Im A Celebs James Haskell defends hangry rants and eats a full english, two pizzas and cheeseboard since jungle exit


I’M A Celeb’s James Haskell has defended his “hangry” rants as he listed the huge amounts of food he has indulged in since his jungle exit last night.

The 34-year-old star faced backlash from fans when he snapped at his campmates on several occasions throughout his stint on the show.

Chloe admitted that she’d spoken to her husband about his ‘hangry’ antics

Appearing on This Morning earlier today, James and his wife Chole Madeley discussed the rugby hunk’s behaviour – with 32-year-old Chloe admitting that she had “spoken to him” about his conduct.

The blonde beauty also revealed that she could tell her husband was struggling by his run-ins, also adding that he was battling hunger and exhaustion in camp.

James then insisted that he didn’t mean anything by his comments – and that it was a “shame” it’d come across badly.

He told hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield: “When you’re in the jungle you’ve got to appreciate you’ve got 12 people with different standards and how they want to operate.

James had several run-ins with his campmates in the jungle

“I went into the jungle to have fun and I didn’t want to take that leader role on, I wanted everyone to have an equal opportunity but I have been around team sport my entire life and sometimes stuff you can’t debate is slightly frustrating.

“Sometimes you have to make a decision and do what is for the greater good of everyone so we can all move forward.

“I was hungry and I found 21 bags of beans that we hadn’t eaten – the entire camp was starving. In the normal world, it would be a difference of opinion but in the jungle environment it can seem more than it was.

“I always try to do what’s best for everyone, that might come across as frustrated but it was absolutely nothing.

The star defended himself to Holly and Phil

“It’s a shame it came across as anything else.”

James became the fourth celebrity to be eliminated from the jungle last night, and Chloe revealed that she’d “overfed” her husband since in a bid to curb his “hanger”.

Having left the show in the morning Australian time, James revealed: “I came out and everyone warned me ‘don’t go mad on the food, you have to be careful’.

He said that he was starving in the jungle

“I was like, I’ve not been full for one second in there so I had a full English breakfast, muffins, granola.

“Chloe filled my jungle hat with biscuits for the drive back, at the hotel I had two pizzas, a couple of Coronas, a cheeseboard, some banana bread and I am just about to go and smash dinner.”

The hunk further shocked when he quipped: “And I’m still hungry!”

He has indulged since his exit last night

During his time on the show, James clashed with Kate Garraway over how long she took to choose an answer for the Dingo Dollar challenge.

He ended up going on a huge rant to comic Andrew Maxwell, where he claimed that his co-stars were less intelligent than him – sparking Ofcom complaints.

James also shocked fans when he made snide remarks to Andy Whyment after the Corrie star asked questions about a roast dinner he’d missed out on.

There was another bust-up between James and the camp when he found several packets of beans that hadn’t been cooked over the previous nights, and he even locked horns with host Declan Donnelly following a live Bushtucker Trial.