I’m A Celeb’s Jill Scott’s fiancee reveals all about footballer’s plan on the show as she lands in Australia


JILL Scott’s fiancee says being free from the Beautiful Game will have felt bittersweet for the Lioness.

Landing at Brisbane Airport to support her partner, Shelly Unitt revealed the experience will have felt like a huge change for Jill.

Jill Scott’s fiancee has arrived in Australia as the first jungle elimination looms
Shelly Unitt was pictured wearing a ‘Team Jill’ jumper as she touched down at Brisbane Airport

She said: “She has been in football 16 years, been tied down to restrictions and now being able to do something like this.. it is huge and she will enjoy every minute of it.

“She is doing really well and she has got more to come as well. 

“She is a free person and she is getting on with everybody.”

Jill has been bookies’ favourite to win from the off and her odds improve with every day that passes. 

But Shelly said for Jill, it really is the taking part that counts. 

Shelly said: “I think she gets a good buzz from it even though I do hear she is the top favourite to win.

“I am just proud of her for being where she is now. 

“She would be grateful and humble and ecstatic but she is not in it to win. It is about the experience.

“My goodness me, the vibe is huge in Manchester and it is getting crazier and crazier at the coffee shop we own, which is good thing for us as a business. 

“When Jill is in the shop she likes to muck in and make the drinks. 

“We are selling hoodies with Vote Jill and profits will go to our chosen charity.”

The couple are used to being apart for many months due to her incredible career on the pitch, but Shelly said this has been different.

She added: “Jill with her football went away with tournaments month to month but we always have contact so this has been the first time ever not speaking. So I am really missing her, I think everyone is missing her. It is a quieter home. Very quiet.

“I have got two daughters as well, Evie and Hattie and so they are missing her and bouncing around. They will watch the show.

“They are so proud of Jill and really excited. I didn’t want to leave them at first but they said ‘go go’.

“It is very different from seeing her playing football obviously because it is just for one hour but we are all rooting for her.”

Shelly Unitt is the younger sister of former England football star, Rachel Unitt but doesn’t play the game herself.

Together they own Boxx2Boxx Coffee in Manchester, where their customer base includes everyone from VIP athletes to loyal locals.

Shelly said Jill will be enjoying every minute of being in the jungle

England’s Jill Scott shows her gold medal after the Women’s Euro 2022 final soccer match between England and Germany