Im A Celebs Roman Kemp leaves Jacqueline starstruck as he reveals hes pals with Justin Bieber and stayed at his house


I’M A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’s Roman Kemp left Jacqueline Jossa starstruck as he opened up about his close friendship with Justin Bieber – including sleeping over at his house.

The 26-year-old radio DJ has met several A-listers through his job on the airwaves, with Justin just one of his claims to fame.

Roman opened up about his celebrity friendship

Discussing Ed Sheeran, Roman told James Haskell: “Ed doesnt have a phone, you email him.”

Listing the stars that he does have in his phone contacts, the camper continued: “Ive got Mr Styles, Ive got your man JB”, referencing One Direction star Harry Styles – and Jacqueline’s celeb crush Justin.

The former EastEnders star exclaimed: “Bieb?!”

Roman casually replied: “Yeah, I stayed at his house.”

The DJ is good pals with Justin Bieber

Discussing a house party at the Canadian singer’s mansion following one of his concerts, Roman detailed: “There was a sectioned off area for about ten people and all of a sudden I felt someone pulling on my shirt and its [professional footballer] Mesut Ozil.

“I knew him because he used to host a lot of football stuff. He came up to me and went: ‘Roman, can you introduce me?’

“So I went over to Justin and said: ‘Let me introduce you to a footballer, hes really good, plays for a team I like.’

Jacqueline was left starstruck by the revelation

“And then Justin said to Mesut: ‘He tells me you are the greatest,’ and Mesut said: ‘I like to think so.’”

“Then I cheersd Justin with a shot of tequila and I looked over and just sat on his own with a drink was Jimmy Carr.”

Jacqueline was floored by the impressive celebrity anecdote, later saying in the Bush Telegraph: “Roman has got Justin Bieber [on his phone].”

She joked: “The most famous person Ive got in my phone book is Ian Beale from EastEnders… And I thought that was a good one!”