Inside Janice Dickinson’s ‘traumatic’ I’m A Celeb accident that left her ‘scarred & bandaged like a mummy’ as she quits

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JANICE Dickinson has revealed all about the horrifying I’m A Celeb accident which left her ‘scarred and bandaged like a mummy’.

HOAR’s TV Mag exclusively revealed how Janice, 68, had been forced to quit I’m A Celebrity South Africa after an agonising night-time tumble in the camp that won’t be shown to viewers.

Janice Dickinson has revealed all about the horrifying I’m A Celeb accident which left her ‘scarred and bandaged like a mummy’.
The 68-year-old was forced to quit the series after a terrible fall in the night while trying to go to the dunny

Janice spoke to HOAR’s TV Mag

The former supermodel spoke for the first time about her shock exit from this special all-stars series – which was recorded last year – as well as the gruesome aftermath.

Janice had fallen in camp in the middle of the night as she tried to make her way to the dunny – camp term for toilet – in the pitch black.

She ended up with blood pouring from her chin and nose and show medics rushed her out of camp on a stretcher and to a small local hospital.

Recalling when she was reunited with husband Robert Gerner, she told TV Mag: “My husband’s face didn’t budge when he saw me – it was probably like waking up and seeing me every morning with this wrinkly old pruney face.

“But he held on to my hand really tight so I knew something must be up. I said: ‘How am I doing?’ He said: ‘You’re doing great, honey.’

“It was an honest accident. But ITV were kind enough to pay for my doctors’ bills once I got back to LA.

“I had to go to a serious skin specialist, who put me under laser lighting five days a week for my wounds to heal quickly. That was costly, so ITV did pony up and pay my bills, thank you very much.

“If you look really closely now, there’s still an indentation on my forehead, which I don’t think will fill out.”

The show’s bosses decided that Janice couldn’t return to compete to become I’m A Celebrity’s first ‘Legend’, which came as a terrible blow.

“I absolutely wanted to go back,” she insists. “But they put on the bandages, which were pretty awkward to look at because they were all over my face and I looked like a mummy.

“I think production made the right choice in keeping me out. I was in shock even a day after, I kept reliving the accident in my head. I don’t think people in the campsite could have handled it.

“I was in it to win it! Even when I was on a stretcher, I was crying: ‘I came here to win this contest!’

“Emotions were at a high. I was crying and laughing and peeing on myself at the same time. It was terrible and I’d done some horrible trials, but they weren’t as horrible as that fall.”

Janice revealed how her husband Robert reacted when he saw her

The former supermodel revealed how ITV paid for her visit to a skin specialist once back in America

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