Jacqueline Jossas Bushtucker Trial meltdown leaves fans begging show to step in and help her


JACQUELINE Jossa’s Bushtucker Trial meltdown worried fans so much that they slammed the show for not stepping in to help her.

The former EastEnders actress faced a helmet full of spiders during the horrific Face Your Fears trial.

Fans are worried for Jacqueline Jossa after her meltdown

She was tasked with unscrewing stars in a box filled with spiders, as the creepy crawlies smothered her face.

While the star managed to complete the task in the fastest time – securing two stars for the camp – she emerged shaking and terrified.

The other celebrities rushed over to comfort her as she burst into tears.

Fans worried about the reaction to the task, with some suggesting there’s an underlying issue to the huge breakdown.

She was forced to complete the task with a helmet full of spiders
The other stars rushed to help her afterwards

One person wrote: “Jacqueline Jossa is not in a good place. so uncomfortable to watch omg she needs to go home #ImACeleb”

A second person said: “What has happened to Jacqueline Jossa”

A third added: “I genuinely don’t think Jacqueline is mentally strong enough for this show…”

The actress was already on shaky ground before she begun her own challenge, as she warned hosts Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly: “I feel like this is too soon to cry – but I’m going to cry.”

She was even crying when watching the other celebrities compete

Then as Andrew Maxwell battled cockroaches, she gasped: “They’re all over his face, man.”

While Caitlyn competed with a helmet full of snakes, she began sobbing.

Jacqueline has been supported at home by her husband Dan Osbourne nad two daughters, Ella and Mia.