Jacqueline Jossas family throwing her and Dan Osborne a huge welcome home party after Im A Celeb win


JACQUELINE Jossas family will throw her and Dan Osborne a huge welcome home party after her Im A Celebrity win.

The 27-year-old star will celebrate at a mega bash after being crowned Queen of the Jungle amid her husband’s cheating scandals.

Jacqueline Jossas family are set to throw her and Dan Osborne a huge welcome home party after her Im A Celeb win

A source told HOAR Online: “Jac’s nearest and dearest want to celebrate with a huge party back home in south London. So many of them couldn’t fly to Australia to be there when she got out of the jungle, and they want her to know how proud they are.

“She had so much support, from her closest friends to her dance school family, and they loved seeing her conquer her fears to win the show.

“It will be a night to remember!”

Jac and Dan have now travelled back to the UK and put on a united front after HOAR revealed Dan had a threesome behind his wife’s back.

Jacqueline’s family want to celebrate her success with a huge party at home

Jacqueline’s parents pose for photos with their Jungle Queen daughter

The ex-Towie star, 28, slept with model Chloe Ayling and US TV personality Natalie Nunn after boozy night out last year.

However, Jac and Dan will put his infidelity behind them and renew their vows in a second wedding once they return to Britain.

A pal told us: “Jacqueline feels refreshed by her jungle experience, and doesnt want anything to detract from it.

“Her and Dan had a frank chat and decided to start with a clean slate. She really loves him, and their girls, and wants to make things work.

Jacqueline Jossa and Dan Osborne on their wedding day in 2017

“But equally, shes found an inner strength she didnt realise she had in the jungle, so has warned him any more indiscretions and hes in trouble.”

Jac became the first champion in I’m A Celebrity’s 19-year history not be interviewed on another ITV show the morning after winning.

Sources said she “didnt want to be asked about the stories about Dan”.

Jacqueline has gone on to reassure fans that she is “absolutely fine” following the revelations.

She said on Instagram: “Hello everybody. thank you so much for voting for me if you voted it means the absolute world.

“I cannot quite believe it. I just want to let you all know I’m absolutely fine.”