Katie Price takes brutal swipe at this year’s I’m A Celebrity and brands it ‘boring’

Katie Price takes brutal swipe at this year’s I’m A Celebrity and brands it ‘boring’,

KATIE Price isn’t a fan of this year’s I’m A Celebrity, branding it “boring”.

The 44-year-old famously appeared in the jungle in both 2004 and and 2009, making her the only celeb to feature twice.

Katie Price is bored of this year’s I’m A Celeb
Katie is the only celeb to appear on the show twice
Katie in the 2009 series of the jungle

But she hasn’t caught jungle fever this year and asked her Instagram followers if they felt the same way she does.

Katie is yet to share the results of the poll.

The 2022 series of IAC got off to a successful start with 10.2million tuning in to watch the programme return to its spiritual home in Australia, up one million from last year’s launch night.

The added bonus of a late arriving Matt Hancock kept the bulk of those glued to their screens, although after six consecutive Bushtucker Trials a sense of boredom set in with it being dubbed the “Matt Hancock show”.

Earlier this week Katie expressed her disappointed show hosts after Ant and Dec made a joke about PTSD.

The duo said they were suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder when they heard their track Let’s Get Ready to Rhumble.

Model Katie, who was originally diagnosed with the disorder in 2018, was one of many who were unimpressed with the gag.

She reposted a statement from PTSD UK, which slammed the comment and she added a series of clapping hand emojis.

The founder of PTSD – Jacqui Suttie – has written an open letter to ITV about the joke and called on the channel to do ‘better’.

She said: “Using PTSD as a punchline in a joke not only further stigmatises the reality of the condition, but it also incorrectly and unhelpfully desensitises people to the debilitating symptoms that can lead to family problems, unemployment, physical health issues, self-harm, homelessness, alcohol and drug addiction, and ultimately suicide.

“Jokes like this, using PTSD as part of the gag is only one in a long line of examples where people are using PTSD in a really disrespectful way – but feel that as the leaders of the mental health campaign ‘Britain Get Talking’, you should be setting an example and so feel that ITV has a duty of care to its viewers which includes comments like this which are not only unnecessary, but can also be incredibly damaging to those affected by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.”

The letter also noted that the comment was likely made in jest and the script was probably written by a third party.

Katie has previously said her PTSD started after a series of horrifying incidents, including being raped at gun point in South Africa.

She was also said she was raped at the age of seven in a park.

The mum-of-five has said: “After years of neglect, I suffered a mental breakdown in 2018. I was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder,

“I hit severe depression a couple of years ago, depression on top of PTSD, I was suicidal, didn’t want to be here. I tried to kill myself.”

She has sought treatment for PTSD at the priory on a number of occasions.

Katie was unimpressed with Ant and Dec’s PTSD gag this week

The duo said they were stressed after hearing their 90s classic Let’s Get Ready to Rhumble