Olivia Attwood hints at I’m A Celebrity ‘cover-up’ and return to the jungle as she reveals update on health


OLIVIA Attwood has hinted at a “cover-up” over her shock exit from I’m A Celebrity.

The 31-year-old spent just 24 hours in the jungle before being rushed to A&E after abnormal blood test results.

Olivia Attwood on This Morning today

Despite getting the all-clear, Olivia‘s health sparked overnight crisis talks before it was ruled unsafe for her to return.

Olivia today told how follow-up tests by an Australian doctor AND professionals in the UK both revealed her results were “normal”..

“I’ve had more tests done in the UK and they’re all still fine,” Olivia told ITV’s This Morning.

“It makes it harder to accept.”

Olivia explained she was pulled out of camp on the first day for “routine medical checks”.

“The results came back that my iron was low, so it was showing I was anaemic. My potassium and sodium were really low, all the markers you’d look for were low.

“They said I’d need to go into A&E. I was admitted, they re-ran all their own checks and they came back normal.

“Just before leaving the UK I’d had all those checks and everything was normal.

“The first thing I did was say to the camp daughter ‘is that possible for it to change in such a short amount of time’.

“He didn’t really have an answer, but said ‘it’s not normal that’s why we need to see what’s going on’.

“I was thinking ‘am I pregnant, have a I picked up a virus’.

“I felt well, I didn’t feel unwell – there was nothing. I felt healthy. I was loving it. I was even more confused. It was all really strange.”

After being told her tests were normal, Olivia thought she’d go straight back into camp.

“I went to hotel and I know now that conversations went through the night with production who were desperate to have me back in, but the medical team…

“It’s an insurance thing. They have to seek other parties’ opinions.

“I think they were thinking ‘what if we put her back in and they drop down again, we wouldn’t be covered because we flagged it’.”

Many I’m A Celeb fans were looking forward to seeing no-nonsense Olivia slap down shamed MP Matt Hancock.

Asked how she would have dealt with him, Olivia replied: “I think I would approach it with humour, give him a bit of stick that he deserves.

“It’s hard though because a lot of what happened when he was in his position is not funny.

“I think if you’re someone who lost a relative and you didn’t get to goodbye to while he’s snogging the face off of his secretary and whatever, it’s not funny is it?

“But I think I would have gone down the route of trying to have a bit of fun with it, but it’s a difficult one.”

Olivia says she’s refusing to watch her fellow campmates on the telly since being forced to quit the show.

She continued: “I’ve been a big fan of the show all my life. Those conversations about going in the jungle happened after Love Island, so it’s been five years in the making

“I know it sounds kind of self-indulgent but when you come off a reality show – and I’ve done amazing things – but you can be put in a box.

“I wanted to show myself in a different light.

“I’m not a quitter and I’m not scared of much.

“I was looking forward to getting exposure to new audience who think they know me but don’t know who I really am.”

Quizzed on whether she would do I’m A Celeb again next year, Olivia said: “I daren’t approach that question now.

“I would love to because I was absolutely loving it.”

The star added: “It is what it is, there’s much worse happening in the world.”

“I’m not watching. It made me sad, I had FOMO [fear of missing out]. I wanted to jump in the telly.”

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