Richard Osman calls out I’m A Celeb for ripping off House of Games – and fans all agree


RICHARD Osman has hit out at I’m A Celebrity after they included a challenge which closely resembled that of Richard’s show – House of Games.

TV star Richard made the comment following the latest Deals on Wheels challenge on the ITV show.

Richard appeared to make a dig about the show
He appeared to suggest I’m A Celeb had ripped off House of Games

In the episode, comedians Babatunde Aleshe and Seann Walsh took part in a game called Catch My Match whereby they had to correctly match a given fact about a celebrity to their photograph.

As part of their opportunity to win a treat for camp, Seann had to walk across planks placed in the air in order to get to the celebrities correct photograph.

The pair won the treat after completing the challenge in the allocated time but former Pointless host Richard was seemingly left with a rather sour taste in his mouth.

He tweeted: “Lovely #HouseOfGames tribute on #ImACeleb at the moment.”

The star appeared to be being sarcastic as no reference to the BBC Two game show was made on the ITV juggernaut.

It appeared as though Richard was referring to the House of Games round My Perfect Match, which had loose similarities to that of the game played in the jungle.

In My Perfect Match, a pair of celebrities are given two characteristics or facts and they have to identify which celebrity is being referred to.

Fans of Richard were quick to reply and jump on his bandwagon claiming that they too noticed similarities in the simple guessing game.

One wrote: “I said to my wife do you think someone have been watching #houseofgames as soon as I saw what the challenge was.”

Another replied: “I thought the exact same thing! Lovely homaaage, dahling 😉.”

A third added: “I assume the lawyer’s letter is already in the post…? 😉.”

A fourth said: “I wasn’t happy about this. But I would never blame king Babatunde.”

While a fifth penned: “Thought the exact same 😂.”

Richard had his fans also claiming to notice similarities
Babatunde and Seann were succesful in the challenge

They did exceptionally well in the task

Richard Osman’s House of Games airs weeknights at 6pm on BBC Two. I’m A Celebrity continues tonight at 9pm on ITV.