Shane Richie STILL denies he was the phantom dribbler on I’m A Celeb even though his campmates insist it was him


SHANE Richie still insists he wasn’t I’m A Celebrity’s ‘phantom dribbler’ as the celebs look back on their time in camp on tonight’s A Castle Story.

The actor’s campmates are convinced he was responsible for dribbling all over the latrine, and it caused much debate among viewers.

Shane Richie still insists he wasn’t the phantom dribbler in I’m A Celeb

But sticking to his story that he always sat down to wee, Shane says: “They all know it wasn’t me because when the phantom dribbler appeared I was sitting on the toilet because I will ill.”

Victoria Derbyshire doesn’t think the truth will ever come out, saying: “The Phantom Dribbler will never admit to being the Phantom Dribbler.”

While celebs AJ Pritchard, Vernon Kay and Beverley Callard one by one name Shane as the man they think is behind the mess.

In sadder news, Shane broke down in tears live on air as he remembered Barbara Windsor.

His campmates are convinced it was him though

Shane co-hosted The One Show tribute to the star, who passed away at the age of 83 last week.

His voice cracked as he remembered how much Barbara cared about EastEnders – and how welcome she made each new cast member feel.

Shane was then shown his first scene with Barbara on EastEnders, and he had his head in his hands afterwards.

Visibly emotional, he recalled how it was Barbara who suggested him to show bosses for the role of Alfie Moon.

The star said: “I got the part and she bought me a big bottle of champagne and said: ‘Welcome to the family’.

“Without her I probably wouldn’t be sitting here today.”

Shane apologised as he fought back tears, failing to speak as he was overcome with emotion.

Shane was overcome with emotion as he remembered Barbara Windsor

Later in the programme, Shane declined Alex’s offer for him to read out viewer tributes to Barbara, apologising again as he told her he couldn’t speak.

Shane also revealed that he last heard from his friend last month, with Barbara sending him love and advice before he entered the I’m A Celeb castle.

He explained: “Before I went and did the show in the castle, before they took our phones away in isolation, I got a text from Scott, Barbara’s husband.

“He left a message saying: ‘The Duchess sends her love, just be yourself’.

“That was the last time I heard from her.”

I’m A Celebrity…A Castle Story Sunday 13th December at 8pm on ITV

Barbara reached out to Shane before he went on I’m A Celeb