Sue Cleaver makes stomach-churning admission about I’m A Celeb diet that was never shown on camera


I’M A Celebrity star Sue Cleaver gives fans an insight into how smelly the Australian campsite truly is after reuniting with her husband. 

The Coronation Street star was the third person to be eliminated from the 2022 series, allowing her to appreciate the lap of luxury for over a week as she returned to reality. 

Sue Cleaver was blunt to husband Brian about what the diet did to her
The cast had one last party before saying their goodbyes to Australia

She was greeted with a bear hug by Charlene White, who she bonded with while on the show and was eliminated first.

After living off mainly of rice and beans for a fortnight, Sue was blunt as she admitted to husband Brian her stunted diet left her more than a little gassy alongside the rest of the campmates. 

“I’ve never farted so much in my life, those beans are horrific,” she told her other half. 

So that’s another reason we’re glad we’re watching from screen instead of living the show ourselves. 

Despite finding herself blowing hot air around the camp (literally), Sue says the experience was one of the best she’s ever done. 

“I’d achieved everything I wanted to achieve, it was the right time for me,” she said on her early exit. 

But in the car on the way back to the hotel, she seemed a bit more reflective of her time living rough in the Australian jungle. 

“It’s like childbirth, you forget all the bad bits and all you remember is the amazing good bits,” she told cameras in the car. “I will never forget this.” 

Jill Scott was eventually crowned this year’s jungle queen, with Hollyoaks’ Owen Warner coming second and Matt Hancock placing third.

I’m A Celebrity: The Coming Out Show airs Thursday at 9.15pm on ITV1 and ITV Hub.

Sue admitted the game was more than a little gassy during her time on the series
Sue compared her experience on the show to childbirth