Terrified Dec Donnelly reveals surprise phobia during Matt Hancock’s I’m A Celeb trial telling Ant ‘I don’t like it’


DEC Donnelly was the one left frightened tonight on I’m A Celebrity as he was forced to confront one of his fears.

The TV host was watching over proceedings with co-star Ant, as MP Matt Hancock took part in his fifth trial in a row.

Dec was forced to confront his phobia on the show
Matt was inside a house full of all different kinds of critters

Matt had been voted by the public to take part in the House of Horrors trial which saw him navigate his way through a terrifying-looking house filled with a variety of the usual creepy critters.

Ant informed Matt: “Inside this giant doll’s house are four rooms. All you have to do Matt is crawl around, searching for stars. Every star that’s in your star bag at the end of time will count as a meal for camp.” 

However it wasn’t long before Dec was quick to see his biggest fear lurking in the house – and it might not be what you think.

Spying some pigeons inside the first room of the house, a terrified Dec said: “Pigeons. I don’t like it Ant, I don’t like it. It’s the ‘flappiness’ that gets me. I don’t like the beaks either.” 

However it wasn’t just pigeons that Matt had to contend with in his quest to bring back stars for camp.

Astonishingly, the MP came face to face with an eye-watering 2.5 million flies.

Matt told the hosts: “The thing you don’t know is this really smells!” 

As he continued to shuffle around the rooms, the politician came across the final room filled with his fear of snakes.

Matt panicked as he said: “Snakes, you know that I don’t like snakes. Oh my goodness, that’s alive!” 

The former Health Secretary was left rattled as one snake made a beeline for him and attempted to strike him.

Ant asked: “Did it bite you?”

Matt replied: “No, it didn’t actually touch me.”

As he reached the end of his trial, Matt had won 9 out of a possible 11 stars for camp, bettering his previous score of 5 the day before.