TV Star Ian Hislop Reveals Why He Turned Down I’m A Celebrity and Takes a Swipe at Nigel Farage


Renowned TV star Ian Hislop has recently disclosed that he turned down the opportunity to be part of this year’s I’m A Celebrity due to his reservations about sharing a camp with Nigel Farage, the former UKIP leader.

Not Keen on Living with Farage

Despite being approached multiple times to participate in the popular ITV series, the satirist, aged 63, has always declined the offer. During an interview on Times Radio, Ian explained, “I was invited to go on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! I mean, I have been asked a few years and I always think it’s a sign of whether I’m washed up or not.

“It’s whether I get the call. And I got it this year, so it’s probably all over. And there was a moment I thought, would I like to be around the campfire with Nigel? And then I thought, no.”

Politicians Not Good for TV?

Ian also shared his thoughts on Nigel Farage’s performance in the jungle, stating, “And again, they’re briefing at the moment that Nigel is very boring television and everything is very disappointing. And they’d much rather have more people from soap operas or influencers, or whatever.

“I think the idea that politicians will liven up your programme may have just been deflated for good.”

This revelation comes after I’m A Celebrity fans accused Nigel of “gaslighting” fellow campmate Josie Gibson after she exposed his “gameplan” during a recent episode. Nigel was eager to do the Bushtucker trial, but Josie also expressed her interest in participating. Nigel intervened, suggesting that Josie shouldn’t do it if she had any fear, to which she responded, “I was saying I want to prove myself and you were going, ‘You shouldn’t do it, you shouldn’t do it.'”

Regardless of the offer, Ian decided that being in the jungle with Farage was not in his best interest.

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