Vicky Pattison says Caitlyn Jenner risks whole camp being punished for rule break and Ian Wrights set for early exit


Were about a week in to this years Im a Celeb and it is seriously getting juicy.

I think this is a real pivotal point in the series – hunger is really starting to kick in, people are beginning to miss their loved ones, tempers are starting to flare and patience is wearing thin.

But its not all doom and gloom – friendships are being forged, strength of character is emerging and theyre starting to get care packages and messages from home, which is always good for morale.

Former Queen of the Jungle Vicky has given her low-down on the show as HOAR Online’s I’m A Celeb columnist


I think the person Ive really seen struggling the most is Ian Wright.

If social media and the bookies predictions are anything to go by Ian has gone from being a firm favourite to take the crown to the least liked in the Australian jungle.

From moaning about being hungry to fall outs with fellow camp mates – hes having a nightmare!

What a fall from grace!! Poor fella- professional sportsman, in particular ex professional footballers tend to find being in Im A Celeb difficult as its just so out of their comfort zone.

When I went in I was from a reality TV background – so I was used to not seeing my mam and sister for six weeks at a time, having my phone taken off me, eating what was given to me (granted it was more kebabs than kangaroo d*ck but none the less).

Ian Wright is having a nightmare in the jungle

Essentially I was used to living in a contrived environment where I wasnt in control.

This is a complete culture shock for a footballer whos used to completely being in the driving seat of his life- especially once they retire.

So I personally believe that more often than not the transition hits them the hardest.

I reckon wed see a whole new side to Mr Wright if someone just slipped the lad a bloody Creme Egg!

Id love to see him come out the other side of this – but even Harry Rednapp, who supposedly convinced him to take part, says hes not far off totally blowing his lid.

And tellingly, Harry is backing Kate Garraway to win. It isnt looking good for Wrighty!


Caitlyn will get in trouble for giving food to Ian

Caitlyn Jenner tried her very best to cheer him up by sneaking a corn on the cob back for him – which I LOVED – but that little rule break isnt going to go unpunished.

Honestly, the guilt you feel when youre in there and you win a treat and other celebs dont is just horrendous but its the nature of the beast.

And I cant help but feel like Caitlyns lovely but misguided gesture is going to see if not both her and Ian in trouble, then the whole camp. Thats all they need.

Regardless of that Caitlyns heart was in the right place and Im honestly loving her in there… Could I have been wrong initially?! Could Caitlyn take the crown?!

Well now that arguably her most famous step daughter Kim Kardashian has acknowledged her spell in the jungle who knows what will happen?! The Kardashian juggernaut is not one to be messed with!!


Jacqueline most be having good sex at home to pick that over chocolate

Oh and my highlight of the last couple nights shows has to be the food over sex debate.

Even on a good day Im choosing a pizza over the mattress mambo but when youre over a week into 700cals a day rations and balls deep into serious home sickness and missing all your creature comforts choosing anything but food seems like lunacy to me.

All I can say is Dan Osborne must be doing something incredibly special in that bedroom to make Jac Jossa choose the dance with no pants with him over a Terrys Chocolate Orange!