What was Amir Khans Strawberry Gate on Im A Celebrity?


THIS year’s I’m A Celebrity is keeping millions glued to their screens every night as we watch the likes of Caitlyn Jenner and Ian Wright tackle jungle lift.

But fans still haven’t not forgotten the sensational Strawberry-Gate on 2017’s show. Here’s a look back at just how the drama unfolded.

Strawberry-Gate took last year’s I’m A Celebrity by a storm

What was Strawberry-Gate on I’m A Celebrity last year?

In 2017, fans were left in fury when I’m a Celebrity 2017’s Amir Khan and Iain Lee ate their food prize all by themselves.

The two completed the Dingo Dollar Challenge, which won them strawberries and cream.

However, on their way back to the camp, Amir suggested: “Shall we eat them and say it was the wrong answer, shall we do that?

While Iain said he was tempted, he didn’t know if he had it in him to deceive his fellow celebrities.

Im A Celebrity 2017
Their fellow campmates were very upset with their selfish action

But Amir added: “Are we eating them or not, Im having them, I want them, I want to eat them now.”

Before Iain could make a decision or say anything back, Amir poured the cream over them and started to tuck in.

After hiding the plate behind a tree, Iain said: “This is the worst thing weve ever done.”

The pair then went to the Bush Telegraph to discuss what they had done, with Amir begging Iain not to tell the others.

When a guilt-ridden Iain said he had to, Amir replied: “I aint going to tell them you can but Im going to say it was your fault then, if you tell them you need to take the full blame, the only way they are going to find out is when they go back home back to the UK, they can find out then.”

Did the pair eventually own up?

Unable to stand the guilt, Iain confessed to their camp mates, saying: “I have something really horrible to confess.

“We won the strawberries and cream, I thought it would be really funny to eat them all on my own.

“I am not joking, I am beyond shame and cannot live with this any more.

What did their fellow campmates say?

None of his campmates took his confession seriously at first, but eventually they realised it wasn’t a joke and said they wouldn’t share any of their prizes with them from then on.

That night, the two guilty celebs didn’t have any dinner while the rest ate their portion.

To make things worse, Amir then let Jamie think the whole thing was Iain’s idea.

Fans were left furious about the whole thing and said the “Strawberry-gate” of being a stunt planned out by the show’s bosses.

However, HOAR Online exclusively revealed that an insider said: “It was absolutely not a ‘stunt’ or set up.”