Why Queen of the Jungle Jac should ditch attention-seeking Lord Loverat


THIS should have been jungle queen Jacqueline Jossas time to shine.

But rather than making headlines for her big heart and bravery, the EastEnders star has dominated the news due to rumours about her husband, Towie star Dan Osborne, and his alleged infidelities.

Jacqueline Jossa’s reaction as she’s crowned the winner of I’m a Celebrity 2019
Dan Osborne was accused of having a threesome with Natalie Nunn (pictured) and model Chloe Ayling behind Jacqueline’s back

When Jacqueline left the jungle last night the revelations would have come thick and fast.

Firstly that she’s now one of the nations most adored celebs, and secondly that Dan had an alleged threesome with his CBB co-stars Chloe Ayling and Natalie Nunn.

For her moment of triumph to be so tarnished is tragic and hernarcissistic husband Dan should hang his head in shame.

So too should the numerous women with whom he is said to have had affairs with.

Speaking to Ant & Dec after being crowned the winner, Jacqueline said that shed always been known as a doormat, and that she hoped her stint in the jungle would have changed the public’s perception of her.

And at that moment, my heart – and the hearts of the 10.6 million other viewers – crumpled.

The couple, seen here on their wedding day, are said to be having crisis talks

Romantic? No. Attention seeking

During her three weeks in the jungle, Jacqueline showed herself to be funny, kind and down-to-Earth, and was the favourite among her celebrity campmates and millions of viewers at home.

Which only makes what she faced on leaving the jungle all the sadder.

Desperate Dan was waiting of course. He flew out to Australia two weeks early following new bombshell claims he bedded love Island star Gabby Allen when Jac was pregnant – and about that threesome.

But while it might have looked like a romantic gesture, actually Dan achieved was making sure HE stayed in the headlines.

If Dan cared half as much for his wife as he did for his own reputation hed have done the decent thing and declined to comment, stayed at home and looked after the couples children, letting his wife have her moment in the sun.

Trying to steal her crown

His Instagram posts have shown him to be playing the part of the perfect doting dad and supportive husband – but you cant help but feel these pictures have been uploaded in reaction to the rumours surrounding him.

Watching Dan clutching his wife’s trophy last night, you’d be forgiven for thinking Dan had been crowned King of the Jungle – not branded ‘Lord Loverat’.

Dan cuddled up to wife Jacqueline after she was crowned queen of the jungle

Dan repeatedly claims that the couple are a team.

But his behaviour doesn’t appear to be that of a loyal teammate.

This was Jacquelines once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and it has been tarnished forever by scandal.

Chloe says the trio had sex in a hotel room after a drunken night out

She deserves so much more than Dan Osborne

Whilst Dan fervently denies all accusations, they say theres no smoke without fire. And this smoke is suffocating.

Fourteen celebs went into the jungle this year – yet the only partner who has been hitting the headlines every day is Dan Osborne.

But he’s also previously been photographed cozying up to Gabby Allen

Before walking across the famous bridge last night Jac said: I feel like I have come out as a different person. Ive grown in confidence and found who I am as a person.

I hope this new found confidence will enable her to see how she deserves so much more than Dan Osborne.

Emily wants Jac to ditch Dan for good