Aldi takes a brutal swipe at Love Island’s Lucinda as they joke ‘we need her on the checkouts – she moves fast’


ALDI took a brutal swipe at Love Island’s Lucinda as they joked “we need her on the checkouts – she moves fast.”

The bombshell was heartbroken after her and Brad were placed in the bottom two this week and were forced to pick one person to stay.

Aldi took a shot at Lucinda in a hilarious Tweet

Brad graciously offered to leave the villa, giving Lucinda the opportunity to continue in Love Island.

The following night and morning, Lucinda was very upset about Brad going home – even wearing a black hoodie around.

But last night Lucinda swiftly moved onto Aaron, who cracked on now Brad was out of the picture.

The move seemed to strike a chord with supermarket chain Aldi as they delivered a brutal put down.

Aldi’s Twitter account said: “We need to get Lucinda on checkouts because she moves FAST”

Fans found the slam hilarious, with one person saying: “imagine lucinda coming out of love island and seeing she got dragged by aldi i love this sm”

Another added: “Get this person a pay rise PLEASE”

A third remarked: “Savage from Aldi”

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Love Island fans were in hysterics about Lucinda’s comment as Brad left the villa – comparing him to Special K.

The Geordie lad was adamant in letting Lucinda stay because he had been in the villa from the start and it was a “massive opportunity for her” to let slip away.

Faye Winter, 26, wasn’t happy with his comments and said that is not the reason that they’ve all come on the show.

Lucinda seemed more upset about the fact the estate agent was unhappy with her, rather than her man leaving.

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The pair went to talk it out after Brad’s departure and ITV2 viewers were left baffled by a comment made by the blonde beauty.

She told Faye: “I feel numb. I feel like this isn’t real life.”

Lucinda continued: “We were literally having Special K with raspberries on it though, and now he’s gone.”

Fans of the show flocked to Twitter to mock her random memory with the hunk.

One joked: “Looks like Special K with raspberries doesn’t bring all the boys to the yard after all #LoveIsland.”

Another mocked: “God not the special k and raspberries #LoveIsland.”

She was previously with Brad on the show

Lucinda has moved on with Aaron