Caroline Flacks friend describes spending day with her hours before she died and says stop pointing fingers


CAROLINE Flack’s friend has described spending the day with her hours before she died.

Simon Carroll shared his last memories of the love Island presenter as he urged people to “stop pointing fingers”.

Caroline Flack with close friend Simon Carroll

Instead he asked everyone to swap negativity for “joy and love”.

Simon – who was thanked by Caroline’s mum for supporting the star – wrote on Instagram: “Carrie’s tribe are spreading joy and love, because we are her people.
“Of course we all want the right people to take accountability, but we will do that with kindness and time.
“Please pay no mind to those who are spreading hate, setting up tributes or pointing fingers and naming names at this very, very painful time.

Caroline pictured on a walk with her friend Simon the day before her death

“For Caroline, unfollow those people. Keep sharing her joy and let us all hear HER voice, do not let it be told by people who really didnt deserve to know her.”

Simon met with Caroline the day before her death to walk around a cemetery in Stoke Newington and he revealed she asked him to speak on her behalf.

“We are finding the loss just so hard, the shock is turning into pain,” he said.
“You were so tired toward the end, but still had more energy than most.

Simon said Caroline still had ‘more energy than most’ before her untimely death

You were so scared of having to go back to court and the circus that would have come with it. But you laughed baby… you laughed.

“In the end there were just too many hours in a day for you, I dont know how we move forward, but we will and we will all make you proud.

“You never slept well, so to know you are at peace gives us comfort, but what I would do for a hug right now.”

Caroline had been plunged into despair after the decision tocharge her with assaulting her boyfriend Lewis Burton in December.

Despite Lewis, 27, begging the Crown Prosecution Service not to proceed, she was told the case was being continued against her.

The next day she was found dead in her flat after taking her own life.