Celeb cosmetic surgery disasters – from Tara Reid’s wonky nipples to TV star who ‘died for a minute’ on operating table


CELEBS chasing the Kim Kardashian look can go to extreme lengths to get their ideal body, but sometimes it can go dangerously wrong.

This week, Love Island star Anna Vakili revealed her horrific ordeal after flying out to Turkey for a cheap Brazilian butt lift, admitting she even thought she was going to die.

Love Island’s Anna Vakili revealed her horrific ordeal after flying out to Turkey for cheap sugery

In the hour after receiving the cut-price surgery, the influencer, 31, found herself “vomiting non-stop”, in constant agonising pain and covered in blood.

She told HOAR: “Blood started going everywhere, I felt I was going to faint and collapsed on to the shower floor.”

Worryingly, Anna is far from the first star to find themselves fearing for their life or their livelihood after going under the knife.

Here, we examine the celebs who bravely opened up about their worst botch jobs – and the disastrous consequences.



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Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag blamed her surgery obsession on being a TV star

Reality TV star Heidi Montag is barely recognisable after going under the knife countless times over the years.

In 2010, she had 10 surgeries including Botox, a brow lift, fillers, fat transfer, liposuction, a nose job, a boob job, a chin reduction, butt augmentation, and her ears pinned back.

While Heidi initially claimed she was “way happier”, three years later she said she regretted having so many ops in one year and claimed it had ruined her career.

By 2019, The Hills star, now 35, revealed she “died for a minute” after her heart stopped following the procedures and had “long-term health complications” from her nips and tucks.

Heidi blamed online bullying and the pressure of being on TV “where every perceived flaw is amplified” for changing her appearance.

She said: “I think I looked in the mirror a little too much.”

Yolanda Hadid

Yolanda Hadid deeply regretted going under the knife as it worsened a deadly health condition

Former model Yolanda Hadid broke down in tears over her ill-informed decision to have breast augmentation.

In 2016, The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star went under the knife to remove her implants, which had “a very bad rupture”.

Yolanda claimed to have known it had happened 10 years earlier and said it had left her with “free-floating silicone” in her chest area.

She had the drastic and painful op in the hope it would help her immune system be more resilient against Lyme disease, which she was diagnosed with in 2012.

Yolanda said: “I’m feeling like a soldier that is going to battle, ready to take on this evil thing, this devil stuck in my chest.”

Later, she added: “These boobies never defined who I am as a woman… I’m going to be a toothless, boob-less, brainless wonder.”

Tara Reid

After a failed boob job American Pie star Tara Reid was left with uneven and scarred breasts

Former model Tara Reid was left devastated after her boob job failed to heal properly, leaving her with stretched, bumpy-looking nipples.

Things became even worse when she accidentally revealed one of her botched breasts to the world on the red carpet in 2007.

“I was already dealing with what it looked like,” she explained afterwards.

“The last thing I wanted to happen was to have the whole world see it. The actual centre part, where the areola is, instead of being a circle, it turned out to be a large square. It was horrifying.”

The American Pie star had the op because she felt her breasts were uneven.

After her ordeal, she vowed to avoid going under the knife unless it was absolutely necessary.

Katie Price

Katie Price has had countless boob jobs and cosmetic procedures

It’s fair to say HOAR’s former Page 3 girl has been on quite a journey when it comes to her plastic surgery.

Katie Price’s breasts have ranged from a B cup to a GG and back again thanks to more than 13 surgeries.

She’s also had three facelifts, full-body liposuction and reportedly a fat transfer.

In 2019, Katie was a sight for sore eyes, quite literally, because she struggled to open her eyelids after an op in Turkey.

On Instagram, she claimed to be “very swollen” and looking “like an alien” but insisted she was happy.

It’s not Katie’s only regret. She felt “like a monster” after ops last year and admitted she feared she would die on the operating table.

She told HOAR: “I’ve gone to hell and back, it was horrific. I just thought, this is it, I’m going to die. I was terrified of looking like a freak.”

Crystal Hefner

Hugh Hefner’s wife Crystal had multiple ops including a boob job and nearly died on the operating table

Model Crystal Hefner, the ex-wife of late Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner, revealed she nearly died during surgery.

It happened during a fat transfer surgery in 2020 and required her to rest and “eat my way back to health”.

She said: “I lost half the blood in my body and ended up in the hospital needing a blood transfusion.”

Four years earlier, Crystal had her breast implants and “everything else toxic” in her body removed after getting “very ill” in favour of the natural look.

Pete Burns

Pete Burns was said to have had more than 300 surgeries, including countless to his face

Late musician Pete Burns, who died at the age of 57 after sudden cardiac arrest in 2016, looked drastically different from his years as a rockstar in the Eighties.

He claimed to have had in excess of 300 surgeries and nearly died numerous times while under the knife.

Pete, who also appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in 2006, radically changed his eyes, lips and cheeks through ops.

Linda Evangelista

Former supermodel Linda Evangelista claimed she had become a recluse after a cosmetic procedure went wrong

She was one of the original supermodels of the Nineties and dominated the catwalks alongside Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell.

But last year, Linda Evangelista claimed to have been left “brutally disfigured” after an alleged botched cosmetic procedure in an Instagram post.

She underwent an op that attempted to freeze her fat cells by forcing them through the liver before being excreted out.

Linda said she had the procedure in 2016, but revealed it left her with medical health issues and battling “cycles of deep depression”, which made her “a recluse”.

Chloe Khan

Former X Factor star Chloe Khan has transformed her appearance and is an OnlyFans model

Former Celebrity Big Brother star Chloe Khan nearly died while having a nose job in 2017.

When she arrived in Ukraine for the op, she claimed it “wasn’t a real hospital – it was a house” and things went downhill from there.

The model claimed she woke up “halfway through the operation” and was horrified to feel “something hot pour over my face”.

“I realised it was blood and tried to scream, but I couldn’t move. I did think I was going to die,” she told Closer.

Chloe vowed she would never have plastic surgery again, branding it “crazy”, but later continued to alter her face and body with more ops.

She told HOAR that she spent £1m on boob jobs, bum implants and a designer vagina and is now a millionaire thanks to OnlyFans.


Liberace was a talented musician but in later life his true love became the pursuit of perfection through plastic surgery

Musical superstar Liberace – real name Wladziu Valentino Liberace – was an undeniably talented pianist, however, he was also a plastic surgery addict.

The 1988 memoir Behind The Candelabra, which was co-written by the late star’s former partner Scott Thorson, claimed he became obsessed with altering his face.

Liberace had a face-lift, eye-lift, silicone injections and a face peel, which left his skin so tight that he allegedly “couldn’t close his eyes lids completely” – even when he slept.

Not only that, it’s claimed that he wanted Scott, who was nearly 40 years younger than the star, to look exactly like a younger portrait of himself.

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Liberace, who died in 1987, would “struggle to keep” his eyelids shut and at night they “would open slowly”, according to the memoir.

Scott wrote: “It was odd to wake up at night and see him in bed beside me sleeping soundly… odd and a little frightening.”