Chloe Burrows sneakily spilled beans on affair with married man, claim Love Island fans – but did you spot it?


LOVE Island fans have claimed that Chloe Burrows sneakily spilled the beans on her affair with a married man – but did you spot it?

The 25-year-old marketing exec confessed to the illicit romance before she entered the villa earlier this week.

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Fans think Chloe opened up about her affair with a married man on today’s Love Island

And as she got to know labourer Brad McClelland in today’s episode, she appeared to reference her past relationship.

After calling the hunk out for not asking her enough questions earlier in the day, Brad attempted to rectify with an evening chat.

Opening up, Chloe shared: “I met someone and we were, like, together for five years – but I was never his girlfriend.”

But viewers at home were confused by the concept of seeing someone for five years WITHOUT becoming a couple.

She discussed past relationships with Brad
Some viewers put two and two together

They put two and two together, and claimed that the reason they wouldn’t have entered a serious relationship together is because he is her married ex.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: “5 years and never in a relationship? That was deffo the married man”.

Another added: “Chloe wasn’t the girlfriend because the man was married.”

A third echoed: “‘I was with this guy but I was never his girlfriend’ is that because he was married Chloe??”

Chloe boasted about the affair before entering the villa

She later backtracked

One more said: “Together for 5 years but never his girlfriend????

“Must have been one of those married men she loves.”

In her video trailer, released last week, Chloe had boasted: “I am partial to a married man. I did meet someone at work.

“I thought it was love at first sight – until my manager reminded me of his wife and kids.

“Doesn’t mean I don’t drunk-call him most weekends.”

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However, fans could be mistaken with their theory as before entering the villa she played down the claims in an interview with HOAR – insisting that she “dumped” the bloke on the spot when she learned he was married.

She said: “I didn’t have an affair – it’s been taken out of context.”

The blonde went on: “It was not like: ‘Yeah, give me a married man.’ Absolutely not. I don’t want a married man.

Challenged over her claim she rings her married ex most weekends – even after finding out he was married – Chloe said: “Not most weekends” before adding: “He didn’t answer.”