Dan Walker forced to apologise after Love Island’s Josh Denzel ‘says f***ing’ on Football Focus


DAN Walker apologised to parents of young children today after Josh Denzel appeared to say “f**king” on Football Focus.

One mum said she was left rushing for the remote control, tweeting: “My 9 year old just asked me if the F word was just spoken????”

Josh Denzel was talking to Crystal Palace star Wilfried Zaha on Football Focus

Viewers heard Josh tell Crystal Palace striker Wilfried Zaha: “The thing is, my housemate John, he’s a massive Palace fan, he ran f***ing five marathons in five days.”

Host Dan tweeted afterwards: “Really sorry about the swearing you might have heard on #FootballFocus today. I know a lot of kids watch the show and we are trying to work out what happened. Apologies.”

But, the 43-year-old BBC star later added that an investigation had proved that the reality star in fact didn’t swear, blaming the fact it sounded like he did on a “dodgy Zoom line”.

Josh, who was on Love Island in 2018, replied: “Thanks Dan, VAR came in useful there.”

Host Dan Walker said he was ‘really sorry’ once the show had ended
The Football Focus presenter originally apologised to viewers for what they had heard
He later backtracked – but old rival Piers Morgan was having none of it

Josh Denzel was one of the stars of Love Island in the 2018 series

However, Piers Morgan was having none of it, not wasting the chance to stick the boot into his BBC Breakfast rival.

The 55-year-old tweeted: “??? Stop digging that hole, Inspector Walker – we all heard what he said.”

Another fan asked: “Anyone else hear the F word in the Zaha interview just now on football focus??”

One other tweeted: “Swearing on an episode of Football Focus might be the most disconcerting thing I’ve ever heard. Shaken to the core.”

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