Dani Dyer, 24, says her pregnancy came as a ‘shock’ but baby Santiago has turned her hardman dad Danny into a softie


NEW mum Dani Dyer has opened up about how her first baby Santiago came as a “shock” as they didn’t “plan” the pregnancy.

The 24-year-old reality star gave birth in January to her son, who she shares with boyfriend Sammy Kimmence.

Dani opened up about her pregnancy being a “shock”

Despite the surprise, the Love Island winner has been enjoying becoming a first-time mum to her now two-month-old son.

Dani added that the baby still makes her hardman dad Danny, 43, “emotional” whenever he sees little Santiago.

Speaking to OK! magazine, Dani revealed how she told Sammy, 24, the happy news while they relaxed at home.

“We didn’t plan it,” she explained. “It was more a case of if I fall pregnant then that’s fine, so it was a shock really.

Dani admitted that baby Santiago was not planned

“I remember Sammy was downstairs playing FIFA while I was upstairs and I just thought I’d take a pregnancy test.”

She added: “I remember going, ‘Babe I’m pregnant!’ He just looked at me like, ‘Really?!’ with the controller still in his hand”.

The reality star added that though it was an “exciting time” for her and Sammy, the prospect of becoming partners was “scary”.

Dani went on to describe how her dad Danny said “he’d never felt anything like” the love he has for his first grandchild.

She said her dad Danny still gets emotional about the baby

“The other day he was nearly crying like, ‘I love babies and that, but your baby… I’ve never felt anything like this,” Dani went on.

“Santiago’s his first grandchild and I feel like that’s hit him more after the birth,” she concluded.

Dani also added that her mum Joanne Mas is “obsessed” with the baby.

The reality star said she had been broody since she was around age 16 and knew she wanted to have a baby while she was young.

Dani gave birth to her first son in January

Despite having ideals in mind, the brunette’s birth didn’t go to plan, and she was left disappointed after requiring an emergency c-section.

The difficult birth saw the umbilical cord become wrapped around Santiago, so she now cherishes that her son is “happy and healthy”.

It comes after Dani discussed her postpartum body, revealing she has lost a stone since giving birth but still has “a long way to go”.

Taking to Instagram last week, Dani hosted a Q&A with fans and was asked over whether she had lost her pregnancy weight.

The reality star revealed: “I’ve lost a stone! But I’ve got a long way to go. It’s horrible when none of your clothes fit, I’m literally living in loungewear.

“‘But I’m not stressing too much about the weight, being a mum is a full time job. My body can wait.”