Danny Dyer reveals real name – as Dani admits people dislike her son’s ‘mad name’


FORMER Love Island winner Dani Dyer and her dad Danny shared relationship advice, spoke about aliens and Christmas traditions on their new podcast on Spotify.

New mum Dani shares her thoughts on motherhood alongside her actor father Danny Dyer.

Baby Santiago was born in January 2021

The former Love Island winner was first introduced to the nation on the show in 2018.

With Danny Dyer as her dad, she was immediately a fan favourite for many viewers.

Dani was coupled up with Jack Fincham and they were both crowned as the winners before leaving the villa.

Unfortunately the relationship didn’t last too long and she got into a new relationship with Sammy Kimmence.

The couple welcomed a son in early 2021 before the baby’s father was jailed for scamming pensioners.

A listener asked the pair for advice and they got very real and personal.

Dani, 25, won Love Island in 2018 with her ex Jack Fincham

Dani admitted she was clueless when she first gave birth and said she ‘didn’t know what to do’.

Her father advised the listener that children want to feel safe and Dani agreed.

Danny also shared how ‘no one is ever ready’ whilst Dani expressed how much she loves being a mum.

Danny has also shared in the past how his own father misspelled his name on his birth certificate shortly after his mum gave birth to him.

He said “He agreed to the name Daniel but he spelt it Danial. Could have been a mix of things, could have been that he was battered, could have been that he doesn’t spell. Could have been a bit of both actually.”

Danny also added,

“You’ve got a mad name, though, for your boy” in relation to Dani’s son’s name: Santiago.

Dani responded: “I love Santiago though, I love his name. A lot of people don’t like it, but that doesn’t really bother me…”

Danny then admitted “I love his name now; at first, I was a bit unsure.”

Guess it all worked out in the end!