Dr Alex George is ‘moved to tears’ as he observes minute’s silence in full PPE at Lewisham Hospital


The 30-year-old A&E medic took to Instagram today and explained how the death of a colleague “shakes the entire NHS family” as they continue to treat patients with coronavirus.

Dr Alex George was ‘moved to tears’ as he observed a minutes silence to honour key workers who have lost their lives to COVID-19

The ITV2 reality star shared a photo with a colleague inside University Hospital Lewisham and penned alongside it: “WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU ?.

“A minutes silence to pay respect to all of the NHS staff and carers who have lost their lives in the fight against the coronavirus.”

Adding: “The bravery, strength and determination you showed to save the lives of others will never be forgotten. I can’t help but be moved to tears writing this.

“A death of a colleague shakes the entire NHS family. In time I hope and expect to see your sacrifices be recognized in full. For now we stop and honour you. Rest in peace.”

The 30-year-old A&E medic took to Instagram today and explained how the death of a colleague ‘shakes the entire NHS family’

The doctor [penned an emotional tribute
His post comes as people nationwide paid tribute to the sacrifices made by those on the frontline, including medical staff, retail workers, bus drivers and hospital cleaners, by pausing a moments silence at 11am today.

More than 100 NHS and social care workers have lost their lives while carrying out their vital work during the pandemic alongside other workers in key sectors such as transport.

Dr Alex’s rousing post comes after he admitted he’s finding it difficult working on the frontline for the NHS and then isolating at home alone.

Alex took to his YouTube channel today and posted a very frank video where he spoke about the challenges of working on an Accident and Emergency ward during the global coronavirus pandemic.

The former Love Island star is a doctor on an A&E ward
Dr Alex said he hasn’t seen his girlfriend Amelia Bath for over three weeks

The former reality TV star began the clip by showing fans around his flat and revealed that he spends most of him time hanging out on a makeshift sofa on the floor of his living room.

Alex is due to move out of his current accommodation and told his followers that his flatmates have already gone.

He then went on to explain how he is feeling in the current situation, and said: “So the reason I thought I would make this video is because there are a lot of people around the country who are at home with their families.

“But there’s a lot of people as well who are isolating on their own or healthcare workers that are in similar situations and decided to self-isolate.

“Or those in vulnerable or at-risk categories who are in a position where they have to isolate at home, and it isn’t easy.”

He continued: “What’s odd for me is I go from A&E where it’s 100 miles an hour, a really high-stressed environment, there’s a lot going on there and I’m seeing very difficult things, to coming home here to silence. That is very odd.

“I’m naturally very sensitive. I’m someone that enjoys human company, I like being around people and it’s difficult.”

Alex then went on to reference his girlfriend Amelia Bath, who is isolating elsewhere.

“I mean I haven’t seen Amelia now for three plus weeks which is a long time. I think when you see difficult things you want to share those things with people and talk about it which is difficult.”

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