Emotional Dani Dyer says she’s struggles to breastfeed but insists ‘fed is best’ as she juggles the bottle and boob


AN emotional Dani Dyer says she is struggling to breastfeed – but insists “fed is best” as she juggles the bottle and boob.

The Love Island star, 24 – who welcomed baby Santiago with her boyfriend Sammy Kimmence on January 23 – opened up about her struggles in an Instagram Q&A on Monday.

Dani Dyer said she’s struggling to breastfeed

A fan asked Dani: “How is feeding going? Are you breast of bottle?”

The reality star replied: “I’ve been doing a mix of both but it took a while for my milk to really come through..

“I always wanted to just exclusively breastfeed but it didn’t end up that way. I breastfeed as much as I can but do use Aptamil milk when I feel like he isn’t settled..

“If my milk decides to come through more then I definately [sic.] will just breastfeed but I think you have to take it step by step xx”

Dani opened up to her fans

Her boyfriend Sammy with their baby Santiago

She added: “Fed is best”

The star later asked for breastfeeding tips and thanked people for them after.

She wrote: “Thank you all so so much for the messages I’ve been receiving in regards to breastfeeding.

“So lovely for you to take the time out of your day to send a lovely message and offer support as I really needed it.

Dani welcomed the tot in January

“Instagram can be a lovely place xx”

the new mum also revealed she’s finding the “sleep deprivation hard” and she gets “emotional” even talking about her baby.

One fan asked: “How are you finding sleep deprivation? All worth it though.”

Dani candidly replied: “It is hard, I defo took advantage of lay ins… But it’s all worth it, I hope eventually he ends up being a good sleeper but think it’s a bit too early to be setting a routine.”

She shares the baby with Sammy

Adding some further details in another answer about how much sleep she is getting, Dani continued: “It all varies. He usually wakes every 3/4 hours so I try and get my sleep in then!

“But in the day I try and get things done when he sleeps so it’s hard to always nap when he naps.

“Although last night he had a bad belly so me and Sammy didn’t get much sleep at all. Felt terrible for him.”

Another post saw the star reveal: “He is honestly my world.. I never thought I could feel a feeling like it. I get emotional even talking about him.”

Sammy Kimmence hugging Dani Dyer

And discussing how boyfriend Sammy Kimmence had adapted to life as a first time dad, the beauty wrote: “Honestly he has been brilliant. I didn’t think I could love him any more than I do, he’s so supportive.

“I never realised how emotional you get after having a baby and he always makes me laugh.

“You’re always questioning yourself as a mummy so having a good support system is so, so important.”