Everything you need to do now to get onto Summer Love Island 2020


THE first ever Winter Love Island has hit our screens and watching Shaughna, Conor and co hanging out in sunny South Africa is helping banish the January blues.

But believe it or not, producers are searching for wannabes for the normal, Mallorca-set summer series and applications are open now!

Winter Love Island has only just got going but producers are already looking for islanders for the summer version

So what makes a perfect Love Islander, and how can you attract the attention of producers?

Well, if youre single and between the ages of around 20 and 25, youve got a head start.

But standing out isnt easy, so Fabulous Digital spoke to music and celebrity PR Sacha Taylor-Cox, whos a lecturer in branding, for her tips on how to mould yourself into the ideal Islander.

Boost your Instagram following

Its no secret ITV producers trawl Instagram for gorgeous influencers whether you go through the application process or not.

Molly Mae Hague entered the villa with 150,000 followers – she now boasts 3.6 million

Senior Love Island casting producer Lewis Evans says, Its quite easy to gauge people who are popular, arent afraid to show themselves off and have a big following.

How do you catch Lewiss eye? Sacha says, Your social media stats are crucial, as the show wants to tap into your fanbase. They need your thousands of followers as much as you need them.

Marry your personal brand to theirs and their sponsors. Create your online profile or persona to fit their brief your look, the colours youre using, the slang you use, talk about dating and finding love.

If you are good-looking, you have the potential to pull in followers, but having a USP like fitness or health is really important if you want to get noticed by producers.

Dani Dyer is just behind with a mammoth following of 3.4 million

If youre a gym bunny, post lots of pictures of you working out and make it your specialist subject. Your tips help amass followers.

As Wes Nelson from series 4 remarked, I do enjoy posting my fitness videos and lifestyle pictures with friends. Maybe they thought, Hes in decent-ish shape, hes an alright-looking fella, lets put him on the show.

But even with a minimum of 20,000 followers, Sacha says, Theres no point sending an application form off without engaging with the show on social media.

Watch it, say funny things, and make sure they know you are single. Plus, make sure your followers are the right demographic for the show.

Find some well-connected friends

Love Islanders now are not in the true sense of the word real people, says Sacha.

This series is packed full of semi-celebrities who youve heard of or who you might be following.

As a former member of Blazin’ Squad, Marcel Somerville was thrust right into the casting director’s eyeline

“They might already have agents and publicists or be paid to post things, says Sacha.

But dont despair if you dont happen to have a sibling whos in The Saturdays or whos already appeared on the show.

The time- honoured route to finding fame and fortune is still valid get yourself noticed in your home town, IRL.

Go clubbing, get seen at parties, find out where your local celebrities hang out and make friends with the club promoters, Sacha advises.

Its hard graft, but you have to put the work in and be noticed.

Look like a Love Islander

The show is increasingly scripted and formulaic, and so is the look, says Sacha.

Attractive people come in all shapes and sizes but the Love Island brand is a certain shape and size. Its a size 8-10 with curvy boobs and bum.

Celebrity PR Sacha Taylor-Cox says that you have to have a certain look when it comes to Love Island

Thats what producers have identified that their core audience finds attractive. You dont see any cellulite on that show. They like the fake look.

However, former contestants have warned against going on extreme diets to achieve that look.

Ellie Brown revealed, I practically starved myself going into the villa – eating nothing but fish and vegetables for months.

Amy Hart put her success down to veneers

Zara McDermott said, Before being signed I was eating just a bag of carrots a day.

Sadly, surgery plays a part too.

Amy Hart put her success down to her veneers, saying, Everything Ive done in my life – my job, pageants and applying for this I would never have done if I hadnt had my teeth done.

Wear the right brands

As well as scouting for potential Love Islanders on social media, producers do street castings and invite people to auditions.

Sacha advises wannabes to be on brand at all times, and if youre lucky enough to get to the audition stage, pull out all the stops.

Sacha says, Get your neon talons in place and the hair extensions done.

Montana Brown advises women to “dress up glam” for the interview process

“Producers want to bring a bit of glamour into the living room every day.

Have a look at which clothing brands from In the Style to I Saw It First – that ex-Islanders have teamed up with, and wear them.

Montana Brown from the 2018 series agrees.

She said of the interview process, Dress up glam. [Girls need their] winged eyeliner on point because you will be on camera and theyll be showing the execs, so its best to look your best on that special day.

If youre the wildcard, work it!

Despite the lack of girls- and boys-next-door like Cara de la Hoyde and and Nathan Massey, its still possible to be pretty normal and bag a slot on the show.

If you’re a wildcard like bomb disposal worker Camilla, work it!

In every season theres a wildcard contestant and it could be you!

Sacha says: If someone has the right look for the show and personal brand image, with something about them personality wise that stands out in auditions and has the right confidence levels for the show, then there will always be people who are considered without the required number on socials.

As Montana Brown says, If youre in a rock band, own it. And if youre a bomb disposal person like Camilla, own it.

Dani Dyer echoes that advice too, saying, Just dont put on a front, just be yourself and be unique and whatever kind of person you are, just go for it.

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