Ex Love Island star Anton Danyluk slams Connors over-reaction but defends producers not stepping in to help Sophie

ANTON Danyluk has slammed Connor Durman for his ‘over-reaction’ but has defended producers for not stepping in.
In last nights episode of the popular ITV2 show the coffee bean salesman pulled Sophie Piper aside for celebrating the arrival of new boys – which left fans calling him a “controlling psycho” for losing his temper for the second time with her.

Anton Danyluk has slammed Connor’s ‘over-reaction’ but defended producers for not stepping in to help Sophie

Connor and the Essex girl, 21, had fit it off since day one, but in last night episode tensions were high when the 25-year-old couldn’t contain his anger Sophie cheered at the news that new boys were joining villa.
The coffee bean salesman pulled her aside for a chat which resulted in him storming off in a huff and fans were left furious at how he acted about the situation.
Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online about his new fitness app Anton Fitness, the former contestant says producers were right not to step in – but thinks that Connor did completely overreact about the situation.
He said: “Whether the show should have stepped in or not I think that’s a bit over the top.

Connor pulled Sophie aside for cheering about the new boys entering the villa

Sophie explained that she was winding him up – but Connor wasn’t having any of if

“He did definitely over react in the situation, but it’s nothing bad.
“I think she’d probably be the same in with girls coming in, she just seems that type of character. I think we’re three days into the show she’s got every right to be excited about new people coming in, she’s only spoke to Connor in there, so as new guys coming in she’s entitled to get to know them.
“People need to remember in that place that you’re not in a relationship until you’re physically in a relationship, and I think that’s where a lot of people go wrong.”
He then went on to joke: “Fair enough nobody wanted me so I didn’t really get that, I had it quite easy.”

Connor continued to reenact what Sophie did when she heard the news

Viewers have also been calling Nas Majeed, 23, the “new Anton” because of their similar starts in the villa.
During the first initial coupling of the show, the sports science graduate wasn’t picked by any of the girls – just like Anton.
However, the Love Island star isn’t bothered by the comparison as he sees similarities between them himself.
He went on to compare Nas’s situation with Siannise, 25 to his own with Anna Vakili, 29 when he was on the show.

Nas has become a firm favourite of the show for his cheeky chappy ways

Fans were left raging after last night’s episode when the Bristolian beauty hit out at Nas for saying she’d been giving him signals – and the Scotsman thought that she was being harsh to him too.
“I do think she was being harsh to him, I think personally you can’t really get more clear than ‘the spark’s not there’,” he explained.
He added: “I think Nas is very similar to myself, and has just tried to look for positives in that and not realised that she’s actually pied him off, but he still tried, God bless him.
“It’s funny watching it, because I see a lot of traits in me and I can see why are comparing us to each other and I think if he keeps up doing what he’s doing, I think he’ll do very well because people always like a lovable character like that.”

Fans have also accused Jess Gale of using Nas to try and stay in the villa and when asked what he thinks about the situation, Anton agreed that it looks like he’s an option to help her stay on the show.
“Yeah it looks like that from what I watched last night, that’s the route it’s going down.
“Obviously I don’t think Siannese is into him, I think that will show especially when the new guys come in, that will fizzle out over the next few days, but again, it really depends on how Jess reacts to how the new guys come in as well. They’re putting bombshells in and it just changes the dynamics of absolutely everything,” he said.
After gracing our screens last summer on the show, Anton hasn’t forgotten his roots and regularly updates his Instagram story with live commentary during the show.

The fellow contestant has praised Mike for his gentlemanly gestures with Leanne

Out of the couples he thinks that Mike and Leanne have a strong chance of winning and he respects the way that he’s treated his potential new bae.
He said: “I think Mike and Leanne are looking very strong at the moment, I really liked the way that Mike didn’t play two girls against each other.
“I think he could of, a lot of guys when they first go in they think they’re the boy, Mike’s shown that he’s a true man in there and he’s treating Leanne with total respect and I think there needs to be a lot more guys like Mike on the show.”
Although Anton had a rocky start in the villa he did eventually find love with makeup artist Belle Hassan, 21 – but the pair called it quitsjust five weeks after leaving the villa.

Fans have raised similarities between Paige and Belle

Viewers have picked up on how similar fellow Scotswoman Paige Hurley, 22 is to Belle – and it seems that even Anton has noticed the similarities too.
When asked who he’d couple up with out of the girls in the villa he joked: “To be honest it’s not really about who I’d couple up with, it’s whether they’d couple up with me, I’d want to couple up with them all but they wouldn’t want to couple up with me!”
But the star did reveal that he would pair up with Paige because of her Scottish roots despite mixing her name up with his ex.
“Do you know what it’s hard to say from the outside looking in but just probably based on the Scottish thing I’d probably would choose Belle – oops – I probably would choose Paige because of the Scottish thing,” he said.

The Scotsman seemed to agree that there are similarities between Paige and Belle’s appearance

Anton dated Belle for a few weeks after leaving the villa but then decided to call it a day
However, there will be no potential love story between the two Scots as Anton revealed that he’s planning to move 275 miles away down south to Liverpool.
The reality star as he’s been too busy launching his new fitness app Anton Fitness to think about starting a new relationship since his recent split with Belle in September.
Speaking about his new business venture exclusively to The Sun Online he explained that after he left the show there was a huge demand for his personal training sessions.
This led him on to design a fitness app that allows both men and women to achieve their goals with the help of his 10 years of expertise in the field.
He admitted that he struggled to maintain his fitness during his stint on the show
Users sign up, put their measurements including their height, weight which allows Anton to work out their maximum intake of calories and a programme that they have to follow all week.
Although he won’t be there in person to train them, they then upload their progression photos alongside their new weight so that he can monitor their progress.
The star believes that his product is different to any other on the market because of his expert experience and describes himself as a “PT in your pocket.”
He said: “First of all the ten years experience that I have in the industry speaks for itself, I think that a lot of people come off shows like Love Island or Made in Chelsea or whatever the show may be and they come out and do their PT qualification and they think they are a guru in fitness.
Anton showed off his amazing physique for his Anton Fitness app
“Whereas I’ve been in the industry ten years before that. Everything that I’ve learnt over the ten years all my programmes have been tried and tested, I put everything I know into this app to make sure that people are achieving their goals.”
He added: “It’s so much different from any other app out there because what they do is get you on this programme and you follow that programme for six weeks. They take your money and then they don’t care about how you’re actually getting on.
“My main focus is the customer service, before I went into the villa I had clients that had been training with me for seven years – that doesn’t just happen because someone wants to keep it up, that’s because we provide a good service and when people start achieving results then they will stay with you and that’s what I want- it’s a life style not a quick fix.”
Anton Fitness is available now for 25.00 per month from the App Store and Android Store.