Fake Ollie Williams account claims he left Love Island over killing innocent animals and calls fans peasants


LOVE Island viewers have been tricked by a fake Twitter account for axed star Ollie Williams.

The @OllieLoveIsland page has fooled a number of users by claiming he left the show over killing innocent animals. A tweet posted on the account also brands fans peasants.

A fake account is claiming to be Love Island star Ollie Williams

Following the news of Ollies departure, the account tweeted: With the deepest regret I can confirm I have left @LoveIsland today.

“I want to thank @itv2 for giving me the opportunity to go on the show and I wish the rest of the guys the best of luck in finding love.

@itv2 will tell you I had to leave to due to me loving my ex girlfriend but the real reason is Ive been booted off people I supposedly kill innocent animals? Well youre absolutely right.

Unsurprisingly, many fans believed the statement had come from Ollie himself and rose to the bait.

The account already has more than 800 followers
A post said Ollie had left the show for killing “innocent animals”

Ollie quit the show after just three days

One wrote: Someone get this guy some therapy. He is clearly having a melt down!

Another said: I’ll tell you what you came across a bad melt on TV and now an even bigger one. Absolute sausage, proud of killing animals. Why don’t you try boxing or MMA and have something coming back at you! Posh w*****!

The fake account infuriated followers even further by going on to brand them peasants.

Most of you calling me scum all night probably live in council estates, one tweet read.

Another tweet branded followers “peasants”

He was coupled up with Paige

And Im much richer than any one of you peasants that keep messaging me.

The account was launched in 2011 and claims to be Ollies official account, accompanied with his Love Island promo picture.

With more than 800 followers, it has more fans than the real account for Ollie, @OllieSJWilliams.

News broke of Ollies exit on Tuesday, just days after a petition called from the star to be removed from the villa after he was exposed as a blood-thirsty gamehunter.

Ollie said he was in love with someone else – believed to be his ex, Laura

The pair split last year

In spite of the backlash, he appeared to leave on his own accord, explaining that he was still in love with someone else.

According to a source, Ollie is still pining for ex-girlfriend, Laura Nofer. The pair dated for 18 months before splitting last year.

They said: “Meeting girls who were so different to him and his background only clarified how he felt about his ex and he felt it was only fair to leave the competition and sort his head out.

As for Ollies replacement, two new boys will enter tonight to lift the mood and to balance the girl-heavy villa.