Finn Tapp reveals he applied for Love Island – but Paige Turley admits she was recruited by bosses over Instagram


FINN Tapp has revealed he applied to go on Love Island – while Paige Turley was recruited by the show’s bosses.

The couple, who were recently crowned the winners of the first ever winter series, opened up about their very different journeys to get on the show.

Finn has revealed he applied to go on the show while Paige was approached

Semi-pro footballer Finn, 20, admitted he got on the show by filling out the form after having a few beers after work.

Speaking to Closer, he said:  “I wasn’t approached I applied. It was just after a day at work on a Friday, I had had a few beers.

“I thought I would apply, but I stopped applying actually because I was on the train home and they wanted a video and I wasn’t going to do that on the train.

“So I stopped applying for two or three weeks then I saw an ex Islanders post on Instagram and thought actually while I’m here. So I went upstairs, put a T-shirt on, in my boxers, socks still on and done it.”

The couple ended up winning the winter show by just 1%
Paige was approached on her social media page

Paige was surprised by his revelation and asked him what he had put in the video and he revealed he simply said “Hi I’m Finn, get me in that villa”.

Explaining how she got on, Paige said: “I didn’t actually do a video, I was approached I think through social media or email.”

The 23-year-old was marketed as Lewis Capaldi’s ex when she first went in the villa and she had also appeared on Britain’s Got Talent in 2012, which might have meant she was on the bosses’ radar.

Paige and Finn ended up winning the show by just 1%, with Siannise Fudge and Luke T just behind them.

Since bagging the £50k prize, Paige has revealed her ex Lewis has text her to congratulate her.