How Caroline Flacks quick wit and ability to laugh at herself helped her become one of our best-loved presenters


A QUICK wit and the ability to laugh at herself helped Caroline Flack become one of our best-loved presenters.

The daughter of a stay-at-home mum and Coca-Cola sales rep dad, she grew up with her four siblings in Norfolk.

Caroline Flack was one of our best-loved presenters, in thanks to her ‘wild child’ attitude
The star was not without her hang-ups – she often felt insecure being compared to her twin sister Jody

While twin sister Jody was seen as prettier, cleverer and more sensible, Caroline had all the emotions, all the worriesthe wild child.

She said in 2014: I was underweight. Id be back and forth to the doctors.

I also suffered from bad skin, allergies.

I was picked on and I was the only girl who wore trousers at school.

Young Caroline idolised Kylie Minogue and was determined to be a performer.

She even dyed her ballet tights pink with Ribena when her parents couldnt afford new ones.

She gained a dance scholarship but spent her 20s auditioning for ads and playing a topless blonde in Danny Dyer film Is Harry on The Boat?

Despite her insecurities, Caroline knew she was destined to become a performer

She binned a job in a pork factory because nobody wanted to come near me. I still smell it sometimes.

A role as Bubbles in Bo Selecta in 2002 preceded hosting roles, including on Big Brothers Big Mouth and Sky Ones Gladiators.

In her book Storm in a C Cup, she revealed how she briefly dated Prince Harry in 2009, describing herself as his bit of rough.

Caroline spent her 20s auditioning for ads and playing ‘a topless blonde’ in Danny Dyer film Is Harry on The Boat?
She then graced our screens in Bo Selecta back in 2002

A romance with One Directions Harry Styles followed in 2011 despite a 14-year age gap.

Caroline, then hosting The Xtra Factor, said: I already knew he had a crush on me.

It was flattering and I found it amusing.

She was a hit with viewers and went on to secure a spot co-hosting The Xtra Factor alongside Olly Murs
At the time she came under fire for a speculated romance with X Factor contestant Harry Styles

“After Harry was pictured coming out of my house people started shouting paedophile at me.

There was a moment when we thought, s***, this has gone really dark.

In 2014 she won Strictly with pro partner Pasha Kovalev leading Simon Cowell to hire her as The X Factor host alongside Olly Murs.

Critics branded their partnership a disaster but Caroline bounced back on Love Island.

In 2014 she won Strictly and even made history on the show with her streak of perfect scores

Of course she later landed a job as the host of Love Island and she quickly bounced back after her partnership with Olly was branded a ‘disaster’

The reality show host was a huge success for ITV2 – and even won a BAFTA