I felt like I’d been stabbed and couldn’t have sex with Tommy after horrendous endometriosis pain, says Molly-Mae


MOLLY-MAE Hague has opened up about her experience with endometriosis and confessed it impacted all areas of her life.

The 23-year-old shared her journey in new book, Becoming Molly-Mae, and told how the disorder developed once she met Tommy Fury.

Molly-Mae has opened up about her experience with endometriosis

Former Love Island star Molly said: “Before I was with him, I wasn’t really into having sex, so I didn’t really think there were any problems other than my period pains.

“But when I was in a relationship and just became really aware of that side of my body, I thought, ‘There are so many things wrong here – something’s not right’.”

Molly admitted that the pain caused by endometriosis was so bad that she couldn’t have sex with Tommy, 23.

She continued: “I was suffering horrendous pain – literally feeling like I’d been stabbed in the stomach, just awful – and it was causing me so many issues.

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“Big TMI! But my sex life just became non-existent: it was not a part of our relationship.”

And Molly, a hugely successful influencer and creative director of PrettyLittleThing, also found the disorder affecting her job.

She said: “[My manager] Fran knew not to book certain things when I was due my period because the pain was like nothing I’d experienced before – I knew it was just not normal.

“Sometimes I’ve had to take a full week off work, it was so extreme.”

Last year Molly told fans she’d had an operation in a bid to ease the symptoms brought on by endometriosis.

Molly initially kept quiet about her operation but decided to tell fans about it in October.

The star said she had not anticipated how “hard” it would be or that the recovery would be such a bumpy road.

Speaking at the time, Molly said: “I’ve definitely been all over the place these last couple of weeks. I didn’t tell anybody, but I had my endometriosis surgery.”

She added: “The operation was way way harder to go through than I thought and my recovery time was quite a bit longer than I had planned and I was just a bit of a mess.”

Becoming Molly-Mae is out now.

The star revealed the painful symptoms have affected her relationship with Tommy