I waited 28 years for a boyfriend – then spent £10,000 on egg-freezing and found one, says Love Island’s Amy Hart


AFTER being single for 28 years, Love Island star Amy Hart splashed £10,000 on drastic measures to have a baby.

But within months of starting the gruelling process, the blonde bombshell met the man of dreams, Sam Rason.

Amy Hart with her handsome boyfriend Sam

She told HOAR: “I say to everyone – if you ever want to meet a boyfriend, spend £10,000 on egg freezing and then you’ll meet one.

The reality star has been having her eggs frozen to start a family

“A lot of people asked why I did it again even though I met Sam but you never know what’s going to happen.

“I like to be in control of my own life.

“It might end in two years’ time and I know I’ve got that back-up.

“Also I might need to use those eggs with him, you never know.”

Earlier this month Amy completed another round of egg freezing after finding out her AMH level (fertility span) was “quite low”.

After two unsuccessful rounds, the reality star revealed her third batch of eggs were successfully frozen by doctors in March the following year.

She’s already spent £10k on freezing her eggs, and because of her new medication, the total cost has totalled to £14k.

Although she has been open about her worry of not finding someone to settle down with, things are going really well with her boyfriend Sam.

The pair have been dating since August 2021 and regularly share loved-up snaps together on social media.

But they struggled to spend much time together over Christmas, while Amy made her pantomime debut in Jack and the Beanstalk.

“It was so hard, I will admit,” says Amy.

“Sam was really good He would drive down so he could see me on a Sunday on my day off.

“He works Monday to Friday, so it was hard to balance that as well.

“But he always tells me to follow my dreams and that wherever I end up we’ll make it work.

“I also say it’s for our future.”

Amy shot to fame on the fifth season of Love Island in 2019.

The former air steward left the villa after splitting up with her “half-boyfriend” dancer Curtis Pritchard.

Now she’s head over heels for model and entrepreneur Sam.

“I am punching,” insists Amy.

“He is absolutely gorgeous.

“I definitely see a future with Sam, we’re just taking each day as it comes.

“We’ve only known each other ten months. I’ve got my 30th this year and we’ve both got loads of work goals – but I do want to have kids in the next few years. We’re just trying to balance it all.”

The couple have been together for ten months

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