I was on Love Island and tried to quit but producers told me I couldn’t, says Jessie Wynter


LOVE Island star Jessie Wynter has revealed how she tried to quit the show, but producers told her she couldn’t.

The Australian reality star, 26, entered the villa as a bombshell and quickly hooked up with farmer Will Young.

Jessie Wynter has confessed she tried to quit Love Island

The reality star spilled the beans along with boyfriend Will Young on The Useless Hotline Podcast

The couple were rocked by Will’s infidelity during Casa Amor

But Jessie, 26, has now revealed she begged producers to leave the show.

The Aussie stunner’s time on Love Island was far from smooth.

She was left shocked when her man Will cheated on her during the Casa Amor part of the show.

Jessie also found herself being ganged up on by the other Islanders, who questioned her behaviour in the villa.

Now, a month on from leaving the villa, Jessie has revealed that at one stage during the series she asked producers if she could leave.

Speaking about the moment she found about Will’s infidelity during Casa Amor, she told The Useless Helpline Podcast: “I was like, ‘That’s it I’m done. I’m done with Will, I’m done with the villa’.

“And then production were like, ‘Er no, that’s not happening, you can’t do that, you can’t just leave.'”

Meanwhile, her confession comes after her boyfriend Will admitted that he broke a huge show rule in the ITV2 villa.

It turns out, he pulled Jessie for a number of private chats, not in front of the cameras.

He told Grace Barry on The Saving Grace Podcast that most of their conversations before they hit it off were “off camera”.

“It was a lot of off-camera things that I was doing, I was being a bit cheeky and naughty off camera,” the TikTok star explained.

“You know, going up to her when you’re not supposed to because you’re supposed to stay apart before the dates.

“But you know me, bad boy. What are you going to do? Arrest me.”

He went on to explain: “[I brought her] a bit of brekkie, a little bit of water here and there, gave her a bit of extra alcohol from my drinks.”

The Islanders are not supposed to talk to one another without their microphones or when the cameras aren’t rolling.

The couple have gone from strength to strength since leaving the villa

The stars have spent plenty of time together since leaving the villa