I’m a psychology expert – here’s why reality TV stars can’t stop falling for bad boys who end up in jail


IT seems reality stars and jailbird boyfriends go hand-in-hand these days – but there’s a reason why famous faces go for the bad boys.

Former Love Island star Demi Jones is the latest reality star whose ex-lover is behind bars.

Demi Jones dated Miami for almost a year before they split in March
Miami revealed he’s in jail

The 23-year-old dated music boss Miami for almost a year before calling it quits in March.

Now Miami has been locked up, sharing the news with with an Instagram snap apparently taken from inside his prison cell.

But Demi isn’t the only reality star to have fallen from a wrong’un.

As psychologist Emma Kenny warns bad boys could be deliberately targeting famous women, we look at other reality stars who were taken in by men like Miami.

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Danniella Westbrook

Former Celebrity Big Brother star Danniella Westbrook recently revealed she’s engaged to a lag called David, who proposed during a prison visit.

The mum-of-two said: “I’ve got a big ring that was made for me, and I wore it into the jail and David said, ‘It was lovely but it’s not big enough,’ so there is a bigger one coming.

“He has asked me to marry him but I told him to wait until he gets home. He asks me all the time, he even asked me at the jail. He didn’t get down on one knee or anything but he’s like, ‘We are getting married you know.’”

Danniella Westbrook is engaged to her lag man

Danniella is already planning their big day and said they plan to tie the knot in Maldives in what will be a luxury celebration.

But Emma says Danniella should be extremely wary: “Men with predatory natures tend to go for women who are desirable, available and vulnerable, and many reality stars fit this description.

“The fact that people like Danniella Westbrook are so widely known means many men will feel either judgemental of them, or intimidated by their fame, meaning a certain type of man will feel more comfortable striking up a conversation with them.

“Unfortunately for these women, the men they fall for, due to that initial confidence and charm, chose to date them because they wished to exploit their fame, fortune and opportunities.”

Lauren Goodger

Lauren Goodger started dating Joey Morrison when he was in jail

Emma’s analysis goes hand in hand with what happened to Lauren Goodger, who also started dating her man when he was in jail.

She met Joey Morrisson – who was serving a 16-year prison sentence for drug-related offences – in 2016.

While they were together she spoke about getting married and having kids with him.

However, in July 2017, Lauren confirmed she had broken up with Joey following a furious row inside HMP Highpoint South.

He was released from jail on September 19, 2018.

Gemma Collins

Gemma Collins started dating Alex Moss when he was in jail

Gemma Collins also started dated someone who was imprisoned.

Alex Moss was sentenced to five-and-a-half years in 2012 for his role in a drugs conspiracy. He and Gemma got together in June 2014, when he came out on licence.

However, in November 2014 he allegedly kicked her, spat food in her face and smashed up her flat.

Gemma famously quit I’m A Celeb after just 72 hours, later saying she was suffering from post-traumatic stress following her clash with him.

In 2019, Alex was jailed for 21 months for breaking his new partner’s arm in a savage attack that forced her to flee through a window.

Victoria Baker-Haber

Victoria Baker-Haber is standing by her man after he was jailed for seven years

Made in Chelsea’s Victoria Baker-Haber recently revealed she is standing by her fiancé Inigo Philbrick, after he was jailed for seven years for masterminding a £68million art swindle.

She met and fell in love with dealer Inigo, 34, the wonderkid of Britain’s art world who bought and sold paintings by top artists like David Hockney for millions.

He used his scammed cash to travel the world on private jets, spend summers in Ibiza and wear £5,000 suits, hand-made shoes, a belt with a diamond lodged in the pin and a £48,000 watch.

But his ‘successful’ empire, run from an art gallery in London’s Mayfair, was a Ponzi scheme, where the same valuable masterpieces were sold several times over to different wealthy investors, including the Saudi royal family. 

There is no suggestion that Victoria – who shares daughter Gaia-Grace, almost two, with Inigo – knew of his fraudulent scheme.

However, she told HOAR: “I’ve stood by him and will continue to do so. Inigo is the best person I know and his biggest problem was saying no and not wanting to let people down – so he tried to find solutions.”

Emma says bad boys have always attracted “certain women” due to their “overconfidence and macho charisma” that makes them stand out.

“These women tend to misread elements of their partner’s nature, believing them on one level to be edgy, and on another highly protective,” she explains.

“This makes them believe that their relationship will be interesting, whilst simultaneously ensuring they feel safe. 

“Sadly, over time, these traits often reveal themselves to be deceit, control and manipulation.”

Ferne McCann

Ferne McCann’s ex Arthur Collins was sent to jail for 20 years in 2017

Former TOWIE star Ferne McCann’s ex Arthur Collins was sent to jail for 20 years in 2017 when he was found guilty of an acid attack in a London nightclub that left 14 people injured.

The pair were dating for a year, and have a four-year-old daughter, Sunday. Ferne found out she was pregnant around the same time as Arthur was sent to jail.

Breaking down on This Morning, she said: “This isn’t how I imagined my first pregnancy to be, but this isn’t about me… my main concern and priority is the baby.”

Dani Dyer

Dani Dyer’s ex Sammy Kimmence is in jail for scamming pensioners

Former Love Island winner Dani Dyer was devastated when her boyfriend Sammy Kimmence, dad to her one-year-old son Santiago, was jailed for scamming pensioners out of almost £34,000.

Dani dumped the conman – who’s serving three-and-a-half years – in January last year after learning the full extent of his crimes, but says she is “tied by blood” to him due to their son.

Speaking on her and dad Danny’s the Sorted with the Dyers podcast, she said: “You are never really friends with your ex-boyfriend. It’s a little bit different in my situation.

“Obviously, I will always have a relationship with Santi’s dad, it’s very different when you have children.

“You’re tied together by blood and you’re always going to have a relationship there. But there’s still a line.”

Amy Childs

Amy Childs has a daughter with former criminal Bradley Wright

Amy Childs is another reality star who shares a child with a former criminal.

The former TOWIE star first got together with Bradley Wright in 2013.

Even when he was sentenced to 18 months in prison for handling stolen goods in 2014, Amy stayed with him.

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They split in 2015, but got back together in March 2016, when he was released.

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