Inside Love Islands 5.3m South Africa villa with huge pool, four-person bath tub and Dog House


INSIDE of the new Love Island villa has finally been revealed, with the 5.3 million South African mansion getting a glam revamp ahead of this Sunday’s series launch.

The posh pad comes complete with a huge swimming pool, four-person bath tub, and even a “Dog House”.

The stunning South Africa villa has had its Love Island makeover
The Hideaway encourages naughty antics between the Islanders
There are plenty of hidden areas for private chats
There are seven double beds – but only 12 Islanders are confirmed to be going into the villa on Sunday

The colour scheme is just as bright as usual, with vibrant oranges, yellows, blues, and pinks complimenting the various neon signs adorned throughout the house.

It was previously revealed that the villa is close to the country’s capital Cape Town, with stunning views overlooking the South African countryside.

The sprawling house is also five times bigger than the villa in Mallorca with several private seating areas for chats and eavesdropping.

Producers have kept the Hideaway to give the couples a chance of private passion; the room has a secret cabinet full of champagne and an outdoor shower and hot tub.

A ‘Dog House’ has been added to the living area
The huge living area will no doubt host several chats
The bathroom has been stocked with beauty products
Much of the outdoor area has been purpose built just for the series
The kitchen area is also outdoors, as usual

They have also added some romance with stunning flower displays and a bright pink rug underneath the double bed – which has “Vibey” written above it in an eye-catching sign.

Moving into the main bedroom, it is noticeable that there are seven double beds – even though there are so far only 12 confirmed contestants entering this weekend.

This suggests that a shock twist could be on its way sooner than we think.

There are two huge outdoor day beds
The villa has a stunning view of the South African countryside
The swimming pool is a huge feature in the garden area
The Islanders will be able to soak up the sun from these loungers
The first batch of Islanders will be entering the villa in just a few days time

There are several other sleeping areas scattered throughout the house, including a specified pull-down “Dog House” bed that has been unceremoniously set up in the living area for when a badly-behaved hopeful gets kicked out of the bed they share with their partner.

There are also two huge outdoor day beds in the massive garden, as much of the outdoor area has been purpose built just for the series including all of the extensive decking.

There are three decks, an outdoor gym as in previous series, a larger firepit and even separate dressing rooms for the boys as well as the girls this year.

This firepit is larger than the one in Mallorca
The girls’ dressing area has hair products and mirrors
The boys are also reminded to put each other first
Floor-to-ceiling mirrors will ensure the Islanders always look their best

Both areas have ‘GIRL/ BRO CODE’ written in neon lights to remind contestants of their values, with the girls having hair products and plenty of mirrors to make sure that they are always camera-ready.

A giant pool, watched by 80 cameras, is surrounded by the show’s trademark beanbags and sun-loungers, offering impressive views across South Africa.

Huge trees and plenty of greenery offers Islanders privacy from the rest of the world – but this is something that they may not get from the bathroom, with the shower big enough for TWO people at a time.

The shower has been made to fit two people at a time
There is even a four-person bath tub
An outdoor hot tub guarantees intimacy
The Beach Hut has a blue and white theme this year

The four-person bath also opens the door for some saucy activity, with a hot-tub paving the way for some cosy chats.

The Beach Hut is also back in action, with a large wicker chair with blue and white decor ready and waiting for the hopefuls to unload at the end of the day.

Love Island returns to ITV2 this Sunday [12 January], with Laura Whitmore replacing Caroline Flack as the host.

The first batch of contestants were confirmed earlier this week, with Rochelle Humes’ sister and Lewis Capaldi’s ex among the beauties taking part.