Inside Love Islands Amber Davies new home with adorable puppy, huge wardrobe and dressing room


FORMER Love Island star Amber Davies has taken to Instagram to share snaps of her stunning new home – with adorable puppy Oreo in tow.

The 23-year-old recently moved into the chic house after living in a plush London flat.

Amber Davies has shared snaps of her new home online

Giving fans a glimpse of the property on Instagram, Amber showed off her luxurious padin a number of images.

The house has a modern feel with white walls and glossy furniture.

And the spacious garden is the perfect areafor Oreo to run wild.

While back inside the house, Amber’s dressing room is home to her enormous clothing and shoe collection.

The reality star recently moved into the minimalist property after living in a plush London flat
The spacious garden is the perfect spot for puppy Oreo
Her glam squad have already worked wonders in the dressing room

The white walls give the house a minimalist feel

The former Islander enlisted the help of the Style Sisters for her huge wardrobe

Gemma Lolly and Charlotte Reddington helped Amber organise her clothing collection

The room is decorated with a plush velvet seat and mirror, while the huge build in wardrobes offer the maximum amount of space for all her expensive belongings.

The reality star recently enlisted the help of Essex-based Style Sisters, aka Gemma Lolly and Charlotte Reddington, to organise the space.

Over on their Instagram profile, the sisters showed off the dressing roomas Amber and Oreo watched on.

The women were seen rummaging through Amber’s mountain of clothes before neatly packing them away into the wardrobe space.

They transformed the huge wardrobes in the space of a day

Amber’s bag collection was perfectly stacked

Amber made use of the compact shelving system

Oreo was involved in the big tidy up

Amber rose to fame on Love Island in 2017

The end result saw Amber’s wardrobe transform into an organised haven.

Each shoe was neatly stacked on the shelving system, while her designer garments were placed on velvet hangers.

Amber’s career has taken off since she left the villa.

In 2019, the singer secured herself a lead role in the West End production of 9 to 5: The Musical.

And along with the rest of the Love Island cast, she raked in the money doing personal appearances, charging 5,000 an hour.