Inside Love Islands Paige Turleys home with chic monochrome bedroom, modern kitchen and wooden flooring


LOVE Island’s Paige Turley has shared inside her home with her fans on Instagram.

The 22-year-old former Britain’s Got Talent singer lives in West Lothian, Scotland.

Paige Turley in her cosy grey bedroom in Scotland

She might be living it up in a colourful villa in South Africa, but back home Paige favours a muted colour palette.

Her bedroom at home has light grey carpets with a matching shade on the walls.

She has a modern black bed with matching dark chest of drawers and a huge wardrobe with full-length mirror.

The blonde bombshell has a wooden heart decoration hanging on her wall and tucks herself in withgrey sheets on the bed.

She has heart decorations on the walls

She has a full-length mirror on her huge wardrobe that’s perfect for taking selfies

Downstairs, Paige has a modern kitchen with bright lime green walls.

She has light grey cupboards with spotlights near the floor and black granite worktops.

She has a Nutribullet to make healthy smoothies and a chrome kettle to make an all important cuppa.

Elsewhere in the house Paige has dark brown wooden floors and tasteful grey walls and a stunning white marble fireplace.

The kitchen is lime green with grey cabinets

She has dark brown wooden floors

Paige favours neutral interiors

She has a grand white marble fire place

Paige name-dropped her very famous ex Lewis Capaldi within minutes of making of her on-screen debut, and publicly apologised for how she behaved during the relationship.

Paige and Lewis‘s relationship came to a crashing end when she cheated – with his best mate.

Lewis Capaldi and Love Island’s Paige Turley started dating at college

A source told The Sun on Sunday: Paige pretends to be a nice girl but within months of dating Lewis, she was cheating with Garry, one of his best friends.

Lewis adored Paige and, at that time, he would have done anything for her. But she obviously didnt feel the same or she wouldnt have betrayed him.

Those of us who knew what was going on felt she was pretty heartless.

Eventually, she dumped Lewis andbegan officially dating Garry instead, leaving Lewis absolutely devastated. He really thought they had a future.”

Paige and Lewis started dating during their college days back in 2015.

However, she reportedly cheated with Garry after just a few months.