Inside Molly-Mae’s walk-in wardrobe transformation – with piles of designer clothes and a drawer full of hair extensions


MOLLY-MAE Hague today made her fans VERY jealous when she revealed her incredible walk-in wardrobe.

The Love Island star, 22, showed off the before and after of her new closet, which was stuffed full of designer clothes.

Molly-Mae today revealed her incredible walk-in wardrobe transformation

The reality TV babe has now fully kitted out her clothes, bags and shoes in an organised space with stunning lighting.

Taking to YouTube she took her followers on a tour of her impressive wardrobe.

In the room there was top end labels like Louis Vuitton and Prada.

They were also trays of cosmetics and a draw packed full of hair extensions in all different shades.

The Love Island star revealed what her closet looked before the make-over

Next up she showed the new wardrobe before the clothes were put in

Molly-Mae’s new wardrobe is stuffed full of designer clothes

Molly-Mae revealed her live-in boyfriend Tommy Fury was also getting his wardrobe made over.

Meanwhile, last week Molly-Mae slammed bodyshaming trolls after being called “fat and lardy” – saying she’s a size 8.

The reality star was left angry and upset after mean keyboard warriors criticised her bikini pictures while she was on holiday last month.

She’s currently abroad again with boyfriend Tommy Fury and the role model to millions of young fans shared her thoughts on her body image, as she took part in a Q&A on Instagram.

Molly-Mae revealed a drawer full of hair extensions

Molly-Mae showed one of her organisers hard at work

The reality star was happy with how the room looked

When asked by one fan: “Do you find it difficult to deal with bodyshaming?”

Molly-Mae defiantly replied: “You just become used to it. It’s just disgusting really, I mean I’m a size 8.

“So if I’m fat and lardy then you just cannot pay any notice to it. I’m quite good at that now.”

There was lots of designer merchandise in her new closet

She recently revealed she’s on a “really strict diet plan” just weeks after cruel trolls called her “lardy”.

Molly-Mae was left angry and upset after mean keyboard warriors criticised her bikini pictures while she was on holiday.

In a recent vlog post, Molly told how she’s giving her lifestyle an overhaul – but insists it has nothing to do with the trolls.

All of Molly-Mae’s make-up was stacked in neat trays

She said: “I’m on a really strict diet plan at the moment.

“For breakfast I’m going to be having some cereal. I’ve been having the same breakfast for the last month. It is 30 grams of Coco Pops – an exciting breakfast.”

Making light of the tiny portion, she said: “That’s like a normal portion guys. I must have been having about 300 grams before I knew 30 grams was a normal portion.”

Molly wants to return to the shape she was in pre-fame and admitted she’s been finding it hard looking after her body in the year since she was on Love Island.

She said: “I’m on this diet plan that’s been given to me by this really great guy that specialises in body transformations and I’m just really trying to get back to my pre-Love Island body.

“Before anyone says ‘the trolling has made her want to lose weight’, no, this has been an ongoing struggle for me literally in the last year since coming out of the show.”