Inside raunchy new dating show that makes Love Island look tame – with rampant bed hopping, orgies and VERY public romps

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SEX on tap and even an on-screen orgy – a new raunchy show is set to make Love Island look positively tame.

A British version of the hit US MTV reality show Are You The One? is in production, and if the original is anything to go by, contestants will be expected to hold nothing back.

MTV’s Are You The One is launching a British version of the no holds barred show

Love Island is currently the reality show of choice for most Brits

The cast all live together in a luxurious villa in Malta, and their task is to find their ideal match according to science, via games and tests.

With a huge cash prize at stake, contestants go to great lengths to find their perfect pairing – as we reveal…

Group sex

Previous contestants on Are You The One? have proved they’re not shy when it comes to sex – with some happy to oblige in group romps.

During season eight in 2019, every single contestant identified as bisexual, and there was no gender limit on their perfect match.

And the show’s version of the Love Island Hideaway, known as the Boom Boom Room, saw a lot of action.

In fact, contestants Kai Wes and Jenna Brown were so loud when they hooked up in the private bedroom that three of the girls were woken up.

Contestant Jenna Brown had her intimate time with Kai interrupted by three other girls

The girls weren’t afraid to join in with another couple who’d gone off to have sex

Having walked in on the pair doing the deed, castmates Jasmine Olson, Aasha Wells and Kylie Smith found it “kind of hot” and, having been “turned on”, they joined in.

Footage from the episode showed the girls climbing into bed with Jenna and Kai, and the whole group ended up under the covers.

And unlike on Love Island, the night vision camera didn’t cut away!

Two lovers in two hours

Kai managed to sleep with two people in the space of two hours

Kai certainly made the most of his time in the house, bedding multiple contestants.

After his liaison with Jenna, he struck up flirty banter with Remy Duran in the garden.

Becoming increasingly tactile, the lads enjoyed a snog before Remy suggested: “Let’s go to the Boom Boom Room and just f***.”

Blonde Kai initially protested, claiming he’d look like “such a hoe”, but he didn’t take much persuading.

Their rendezvous didn’t go unnoticed by the rest of the housemates, one of which remarked it hadn’t even been two hours since Kai’s session with Jenna.

Afterwards Kai hopped back into bed with Jenna, claiming he’d “fulfilled a need” with Remy but didn’t want to “f*** up” what he had with her.

It certainly makes Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu’s antics with Davide Sanclimenti and Jay Younger look tame.

Public romps

Chuck and Britni weren’t put off romping by an audience outside with them

While Love Island contestants have previously got frisky in the grounds of the villa (Amber Davies and Kem Cetinay admitted they had sex in the pool) it was never shown on TV.

On Are You The One?, al fresco lovin’ is broadcast in all its glory.

During one episode, Chuck Mowery and Britni Thornton were seen getting very intimate in the garden, despite having been told they weren’t each other’s ‘perfect match’.

Fellow contestants looked on in shock as the couple pawed at each other, with Chuck’s bare bum on display as he fondled Britni’s privates.

They appeared to go further, with one of the castmates commenting: “OMG they’re f*****g” – all in full view of Hannah Rathbun who was paired up with Chuck and thought he was “genuine”.

As one contestant said they were heading to the patio to “get a better view”, Chuck and Britni appeared to do the deed while fully clothed.


Geles Rodriguez got frisky with her man despite Zoe being right next to her in bed

Zoe gave a new meaning to the term third wheel

While Love Island doesn’t offer much privacy for its couples, they at least have their own beds.

In Are You The One? all the contestants are made to share a handful of massive beds – as well as the one in the Boom Boom Room.

It meant some couples got it on while someone else was dozing beside him.

In season six, Michael Johnson and Geles Rodriguez had a wild time, “bouncing” poor Zoe Pugh up and down as they bonked right next to her.

Naked victory laps

Adam celebrated having sex by doing a naked victory lap around the house

While the Love Island lot tend to use euphemisms for when they’ve got up to mischief in the bedroom (coy Tasha Ghouri recently enjoyed a “manicure” when the “salon was open”) they are less subtle on Are You The One?.

In fact, Adam Kuhn celebrated having sex with Brittany Baldassari in season one by doing a naked victory lap of the villa.

During their passionate bonk, Adam could be heard shouting, “Who’s the f*****g boss now?”

Revenge sex

When Ozzy Morales wouldn’t kiss her, Kathryn Palmer decided sex with Mike Cerasani would make him jealous

Mike got birthday sex from Kathryn because she wanted to make Ozzy jealous

Chopping and changing partners isn’t abnormal for a dating show.

But while Love Island contestants might make their other half jealous by snogging a bombshell, they go a step further on Are You The One?.

In season five, Kathryn Palmer saw Mike Cerasani’s birthday as an excuse to jump on him to make crush Ozzy Morales jealous after he refused to kiss her.

Ozzy spotted her being straddled by the other hunk as they made out on a bed.

They later had sex under the covers – on their first night – to the shock and horror of the other contestants.

Some of the girls were furious the pair were too lazy to go to the Boom Boom Room to do it in private.

After their rendezvous, Kathryn said: “Obviously that’s not how I wanted to come into the house. Mike and I were very drunk and that will never happen again.”